#75 – 1000 Awesome Things

Barenaked Ladies

Okay, first of all? Let me clarify; the Barenaked Ladies are neither naked nor ladies… confusing, right? They ARE a kick-tushie band from Canada.

Music is important in my family – Daddy plays and teaches guitar and Mommy was in orchestra in high school and college, too. Me? I already *love* playing guitar AND drums AND piano. Also, I’ve shown strong musical preferences since I was a teeny tiny baby. Thumpy bass beat? Bring it on. Sheryl Crow? Not so much.

So. Anyway, standard sub-par CDs made especially for toddlers? Reeeeeeaaaalllly not for us. Some of those bands make Daddy’s ears bleed.

Mommy was already a fan of the Ladies. She loves If I Had $1,000,000 and Hanukkah Blessings is hands down her favorite holiday song. (Although, really, there’s not much competition there; it blows Dreidel, Dreidel right out of the water.) So when she saw Snacktime suggested on iTunes, she had to check it out. (We like the Rockabye Baby CDs, but she needed something she could play in the car without worrying about falling asleep at the wheel.)

This CD? Best. Ever.


When I’m cranky and noisy in the car, Mommy cues up my special playlist and I calm right down. And, as an added bonus, the songs are so great that she and Daddy are willing to listen to them over and over (and over and over – I’m a toddler; we dig repetition) even after I’ve calmed down/fallen asleep.

Snacktime is a collection of 24 AWESOME songs that the band wrote for their kids. Standouts include 7 8 9, which answers the question “Why was 6 afraid of 7?,” I Can Sing, which includes the lyric “so crank it up loud on the ghetto blaster,” and Polliwog in a Bog, with its catchy reggae-inspired refrain.


Mommy bought the CD with her own money (the Barenaked Ladies have no idea who I am) and totally would again – these songs are *awesome.* You should buy them, too. In the spirit of disclosure, those links above are all Amazon Affiliates, so if ALL of my readers bought something through them I’d make approximately $0.28 for my Harvard fund.
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  1. When I sing, even the cats flee the room. And I'm the weirdo clapping out of beat at the concert because I have no rhythm. I hope Mason picks up his musical skills from his daddy!

    Cole is so cute with the guitar!

    The 28 cents to his Harvard fund? Let's just say I'm glad I hadn't just taken a sip when I read that. Too funny (and sadly true)

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