Birthday Redux

You guys.




Mommy and Daddy and I had the best vacation EVER! So. Many. Pictures. It has been somewhat of a whirlwind week: Grammy and Coach traded their time share and gave us a stay in Ocean City, we went to a cousin’s birthday party on Saturday, and had MY birthday party yesterday – whew! I’m EXHAUSTED!

There is SO much to tell, and really? I have enough pictures that I’ m pretty sure if we put them in order, you could flip through and watch my vacation in real time. I’m super tired after all of that fun, though, so this post will be just a quick teaser… One pic from each day of the last week:

Friday – Fun on a Ferry

Saturday – A Mallet for Maryland Crab

Sunday – with Aunt Angela on the Beach

Monday – Corn on the Cob

Tuesday – Birthday Boy on the Boardwalk

Wednesday – I love ice cream!

Thursday – Ummmm, yeah, that is the same shirt – what’s it to you?

Friday – Mommy and Me

Saturday – What do you mean, “babies don’t eat ribs”?

Sunday – A Pirate Party

I hope everyone had a great week like I did!

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  1. i love that most of these pics involve eating. Cole, I like the way you roll

  2. Oh my gosh, Cole, you are just too cute!! I can't wait to hear more about your great week!

    And I'm definitely not going to show Mason's daddy the picture of you eating ribs or else I'm out of luck on the whole “Little kids can't eat stuff like that!!” thing I plan on pulling till he's about 4…. Crap.

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