#80, #79, #78 – 1000 Awesome Things

Okay, so there was *way* too much awesome this week to fit in one listing. I can’t even tell you how much fun we had – so here are a FEW awesome things:


Seriously, we *all* needed to get away. Daddy has been working SO hard all summer and is getting ready to begin a new school year without much of a break in between, I have been teething, teething, TEETHING, and Mommy was just tired. A week at the beach was just what the doctor ordered! Mommy had a hard time convincing Daddy that I don’t usually nap, given that I took epic 3 hour snoozes each time we went to the beach; she’s seriously considering buying a few bags of sand and an ocean cd for my room. Also, there were laundry machines in the unit we were staying in. Mommy would have taken a picture, but that would have been a little sad, probably. As it is,she did laundry three times on vacation – and *loved* it!


Sometimes? It’s just fun to delve into the world of the tacky. I had two great examples this week: mini golf and Lucy the Elephant.

I actually had my first experience with putt-putt on my birthday – it was so exciting I slept through the first 6 holes. (Really? MORE napping? Say goodbye to Mommy – we will be moving to Ocean City.)

Mommy wants you to know that she kept up with Daddy and Uncle David and Aunt Angela even though she played with me in our ring sling the whole time!

On our way home, we crossed another item off my Summer Bucket List and visited Lucy the Elephant. Lucy is a six-story high building shaped like an elephant that was built in 1882. In 1970, she “walked” down the street to her current location, and she is considered a National Historic Landmark. Also? She is AWESOME.


My FIRST birthday was a week ago today, and I had my very own birthday party on Sunday – are all birthdays this great?!

I already knew cupcakes on your birthday are awesome, and my own did not disappoint. Mommy was really worried that we would not be able to find a bakery in Ocean City, but we found a great one that only opened a week ago! Not only that, it’s on Nicholas Lane – isn’t that cool?! The picture below was taken right before I got so excited that I literally fell out of my little chair. (Don’t worry, I’m okay.)

After my cupcake, we spent a great day on the boardwalk and then? We went to the amusement park! *I* got to go on my very first roller coaster!

So you’d think that’d be as good as it would get, right? WRONG! My birthday party was awesome, too!

Even though Mommy wrote “no presents” on the invitations, everyone ignored her – lucky me! You know what I got? Weebles! Did you know they wobble? And? They don’t fall down! I also got a great new fall wardrobe (good thing, too, since I’m growing out of all my clothes), some nice wooden puzzles, and more toys. Yay!

I can’t wait ’til next year!

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  1. those are super awesome things!!!!!

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