No Cats in Here

A few weeks ago, I saw a couple of posts in my blog reader from ladies who showed the contents of their handbags. I can’t remember whose blogs they were on, and I don’t know who started it, but I *knew* this was a meme I had to participate in – because *everyone* who’s ever lifted our bag says “Oof, what’s in that thing?!”

A cat might be the *only* thing that Mommy doesn’t lug around in our ELEVEN pound (yup, I weighed it) diaper bag. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Our diaper bag is not actually a diaper bag at all; it’s a carry on from Harvey’s Seatbeltbags. (HINT: “Like” them on Facebook, they offer *huge* sales to their fans sometimes! Liking me on Facebook, on the other hand, won’t get you anything special, except for my love and devotion.) The bag has one central compartment, with four separate pockets against the inner sides.

Main Compartment

  1. a light sweatshirt in case it gets chilly out
  2. a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes (I’m not a big fan of sunglasses)
  3. a changing pad – it holds diapers and wipes and has a zipped compartment for Desitin or whatnot (it unfolds —>)
  4. a cup of water and a fruit pouch
  5. Sophie! Who leaves home without Sophie?
  6. a flier from the music class we went to yesterday (although that won’t be getting back into the bag)
  7. a ziploc baggy full of coupons (Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, formula checks, etc. We always have them when we need them!)
  8. a blanket – in case it’s cold, to sit on if we go to the park, to use as a rain shield…
Pocket One

This is pretty self-explanatory: a bottle, a container of pre-portioned formula powder, an emergency ready-to-feed bottle, and a container of puffs/graham crackers/snacks

Pocket Two

  1. Mommy’s camera – never want to miss a photo op!
  2. pocket tissues (I think this is the only thing in the whole bag for Daddy.)
  3. a crumpled, damp copy of my birth certificate from when we went to Florida and Mommy thought I might need ID or something – this won’t be going back in the bag now
  4. Mommy’s wallet
  5. our video camera
  6. a pen (Seriously. You guys probably didn’t need that labeled, right?)
  7. a case for Mommy’s feminine products (you know, so they don’t get smushed under 11 pounds of baby gear)
Pocket Three

  1. an extra outfit (I’m messy sometimes.)
  2. socks – It’s summer and I don’t usually wear socks, but it’s nice to have them just in case.)
  3. a bib (see #1)
  4. a book to read
  5. my keys
  6. a burp cloth (still messy)
  7. wipes to sanitize the table/high chair in a restaurant
  8. This pocket has a small zippered section for an emergency binky, too!

Pocket Four

  1. anti-bacterial lotion
  2. travel sunscreen
  3. baggies for smelly diapers (These are originally newspaper bags – my Aunt Angela collects hers and gives them to Mommy every time she sees us. She manages to fold them into very tidy little squares – seriously, they look like they’ve been ironed… and we have a lifetime supply, but she just keeps bringing them!)
  4. Okay, really, Mommy has worn make-up about three times since I was born, but she has these for what? A mascara emergency?
  5. Headache medicine

So that’s it. 176 ounces of necessities. What’s in YOUR bag?

Also, because I haven’t shared a recent pic in a while, find one below. Proof that even though Mommy drenches me in sunblock every day and has it with us for constant reapplying, you can’t escape a little color in the summer:

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    1. i need to steal the baggie idea. and seriuosly i doubt you will need that sweatshirt any time soon! still SO HOT!

    2. WOWWWWWWW….. I think you take the cake for being a prepared little mama. That's a lot of baby stuff. 🙂

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