Swimming Safety

Going to the pool has become one of my favorite activities lately – and Mommy and Daddy are relieved because they both love the pool and the beach and I was less than thrilled for a while there.

As former lifeguards and swim instructors, Mommy and Daddy have some strong opinions on appropriate pool toys and supervision and rules for in the pool area. Swimmies (or floaties or water wings), for example, *can* be helpful to boost some kids’ confidence in the water, but too often they are used as a substitute for a parent within arms reach and a watchful eye. Additionally, they can be problematic when trying to learn how to swim because they encourage improper body positioning – when you swim correctly, your body is horizontal, but swimmies hold you in a vertical position.

Mommy prefers goggles that only cover the eyes to snorkel type masks that cover the nose as well – unless, of course, you are actually snorkeling. It can be difficult for beginning swimmers to lift their heads completely out of the water to take a breathe, and inhaling through the nose may be easier.

When you are heading to the beach, you should NEVER go swimming in a non-bathing area or when lifeguards are not on duty. Ocean currents can be strong, sudden, and unpredictable – even strong swimmers can be swept away.

Click here for a must-read article about drowning and what it looks like. According to the author, approximately FIFTY percent of drowning deaths take place within 25 yards of an adult – *please* take a moment to familiarize yourself with signals of distress.

It gets *really* hot and humid in the summertime here in the northeast, and splashing around is one of my favorite ways to cool off, but it’s really important to make sure your safety comes first!

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  1. Great PSA! Thanks!

    Rylie took swimming lessons last summer. She screamed her head off through each one, so I don't know how much she learned. We will probably do more with her this summer, and get Bryce started too. We have a pool in our backyard, and even though it has a safety fence around it, I want my kids to know how to get to the side if they should fall in. Even though I say that will “never” happen, I realize that things like that do happen.

    Have a great summer!

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