Tomahawk Lake

Mommy stumbled across the Tomahawk Lake website a few weeks ago and just knew it should be part of this week’s day trip line up – Daddy and I have been looking forward to going ever since!

Sometimes when you build up that kind of anticipation, it leads to disappointment, but that was certainly not the case here! Tomahawk Lake was So. Much. Fun. Cousin Amy came with us and she loved it, too!

When we got there, the sun was stuck behind some clouds so it wasn’t too hot. Amy and Daddy and I played in the water for a while, until I got too cold and had to get out – my toes were a little bit blue! I warmed up by playing in the sand.

We decided to take a ride on the blue heron paddleboat – it was my first boat ride, and it was okay, but I got really sick of my life jacket and I was getting a little tired and cranky.

After that, Mommy and I napped on the beach while Daddy and Amy checked out the water slides – they had a great time! Daddy found out that Tomahawk Lake does catering, and feels like he and Mommy missed out by not having their wedding there… he is starting to plan for my Bar Mitzvah!

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  1. we went there for a day after wedding celebration back in 06 and it was a random COLD day in early sept. i want to go back and bring C!

  2. That looks like so much fun!!!

  3. Thanks for playing with me in Papoose Land!!!

  4. Dear Cole,

    I'm not sure how crafty your mommy is, but I thought of you when I saw this:

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