Lulu’s Big Adventure

Okay, it hardly seems fair that Lulu has been to TWO movies now and I have been to zero.  The Bump and AMC have teamed up to present Bring Your Baby Matinees.  Mommy was SUPER-excited to hear about this program; there *was* a similar program in our local theater years ago, but they ended it right before I was born.

Lulu accompanied Mommy and Daddy to the Hunger Games back in April, and yesterday she and Mommy saw What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  Every month one movie is selected and it is shown in a baby-friendly environment; the lights are not turned all the way down, and the volume is not turned all the way up.  Each time Lulu has gone, she has been one of a dozen or so babies – and every one of them have been mostly quiet… It really feels like these babies could go to regular movie showings without being disruptive.  At each movie, there were intermittent moments of very minor fussiness, but for the most part, the babies were quiet.  AMC seems really invested in welcoming the moms to the theater – there was plenty of space for strollers and there was an usher in the theater making sure that the noise and lighting was appropriate and comfortable for everyone.

Bring Your Baby Matinees is a really great program, but it seems to me that there could be a toddler program spin-off.  Maybe offer a kids movie in the same not-too-loud, not-too-dark environment?  I don’t want Mommy and Lulu to keep going without me!

At least Cousin Amy came over to play with me…

Mommy received passes for her and a friend to attend this month’s Bring Your Baby Matinee, but she probably would have gone anyway – we like the movies!
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  1. I bet playing with your cousin was way more fun than sitting in a dark long boring movie, Cole!!

    That being said, when Nemo comes out this fall, I think that's going to be our first toddler movie experience. LOL

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