S is for…

Sharing. Henry and I like to share toys. More accurately, Henry likes to steal my toys and make me chase after him to get them before he chews them all up; it’s not just my stuff Henry likes to “share,” either – Daddy’s shoes and Mommy’s bras are also favorites. Here are just a few of my toys that have toothmarks bigger than mine on them:

Just yesterday morning, Henry borrowed Dr. Squeaks for a snuggle!

Just as I was crawling over to rescue him, I found something of Henry’s to steal share.

NOTE: I usually wear pants, but I crawled out of them. No, really, I did. See? There they are, right where I left them… –>

Mommy took Henry’s bone away and washed it, but given the fact that

  1. I am teething and
  2. All my pain meds were recalled AND
  3. Henry broke my favorite teether (see above),

she gave it back to me once it was clean… and now Henry has to share with ME!

Standing. I’ve been pulling myself up on the couch and the coffee table for a few weeks now, and Henry’s days of being able to get away from me by snoozing on the loveseat are limited. Mommy thinks that I’ll be walking pretty soon!

In the meantime, this standing milestone hadn’t really hit her, until she came in to get me from a nap I did not want to take and found me like this:

(I was mad because I did NOT think it was naptime – AND instead of coming to get *me,* Mommy went to get the camera.)

She lowered the mattress to the mid-level a few weeks ago, but it might be time to put it all the way down…

Finally, S is for…

Sleeping. I have decided that sleeping is a total waste of time. I had gotten into the habit of getting to bed at a reasonable 8pm, waking up for breakfast at about 4 or 5, and then settling back down until about 7am. You know what I realized this week? That is WAY too much time to leave Mommy on her own – I’d much rather check in with her every three hours. AND, Mommy and Daddy seem to be having fun without me after I go to bed, so I’ve been staying up as long as I can. And I’ve always been a morning person – by 7:00 you’ve missed half the day as Coach would say, so I’ve decided I don’t want to go to sleep after breakfast anymore. Also? Naps are for babies. Just call me Nicky-No-Naps! You’d think Mommy would love spending all of this extra time with me, but she seems a little cranky – and she’s tricky, too! She tries to convince me to go in my swing for “just a little quiet time,” and then turns all the soothing music and swaying motion on.

Well. Maybe I was a *little* tired…

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  1. cute pic in the swing!

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