#92 – 1000 Awesome Things

Memorial Day Weekend

Who doesn’t like a three day weekend?

The last Monday in May not only commemorates those brave service men and women who have fought to keep America the land of the free, it unoffically kicks off the summer season.

Mommy’s favorite season has always been summer – and not only because as a teacher she usually has summers off. Summer is time for watermelon and corn on the cob and beach trips and white shoes. It is backyard barbecues and flip flops and Hoyer’s ice cream.

The school year is winding down so I’m looking forward to getting to see Daddy a little bit more – summer school hours are shorter than the regular school year. We had a great weekend to start the summer off right!

We went to TWO backyard barbecues – lamb at Uncle Eric and Aunt Debbie’s house (hi, Aunt Deb! See? New content – don’t forget to vote! ::waves and smiles at Aunt Debbie and all of her friends at the Fed::) and steak and sausages at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I enjoyed orzo pasta salad, fresh fruit, roasted sweet potato, and *FINALLY* my first taste of steak! (I may or may not have dropped my bite of filet mignon shared with Henry.)

Another highlight was my first trip to our condo pool. I’m not too sure about this whole swimming thing – I like it better than a bath, but maybe only because I was holding on tight to Mommy the whole time. After my dip, I had a relaxing little snooze with Daddy in the sun – a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon!

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