Meet Molly, the Miracle Frog

This is Molly, my six-year-old African Clawed Frog. Mommy raised her and her siblings, Polly and Wally, from tadpoles as part of a life cycle unit with her class.

When Molly first arrived from Grow A Frog , she was just a tadpole. Even when she became a froglet, she was just about the size of a quarter; now she is as big as Mommy’s hand!

I like to watch Molly swimming around in her tank – the sound of the bubbles is nice, too. On Wednesday night, Mommy noticed that Molly was hiding in her little rock cave and had been in there most of the day. Mommy got a little worried and tapped on the aquarium, but Molly kept sleeping. Then Mommy put some food in the tank to see if Molly was hungry, but she still didn’t move.

Mommy went and got Daddy and together they poked Molly with a chopstick. She still stayed where she was… Mommy and Daddy did not think this was a good sign. They could not do anything because it was late at night, but they went to bed assuming they were going to have to clean out her tank the next day.

But then!

I woke up at 3:30AM feeling a bit peckish and informed Mommy that I wanted a snack. While we were waiting for my bottle to warm up, she flipped on the light in the bathroom and there was Molly, swimming around!

Miracle Molly!

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