I wanna be a supermodel!

Supermodel, Jill Sobule

I am 5 months old and Mommy already has 483 pictures of me. Clearly, she is more about quantity than quality as about 70% were taken on her iPhone.

It’s definitely time for some professional shots – this cuteness needs to be documented before I grow into a surly teenager!

Enter Carl Cox from . Carl and his wife, Cathy, are friends of Mommy and Daddy, and Carl just happens to be a fabulous photographer – yay! The lovely Cox family came over for dinner on Wednesday night and Carl was nice enough to take some pictures of me to build up his portfolio. He even schlepped all of his fancy schmancy lights and equipment up the 3 flights of stairs to our condo. We love Carl.

He’s going to finish editing all of the pictures this weekend and give Mommy a cd (so look for more soon!), but he e-mailed her the ones below. They’re gorgeous!

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