Cole & Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide, 2013

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This will perhaps be the least useful post in the whole world, BUT since 4 people asked me what my kids wanted in a single day, I figured I’d put something together. For the record, Cole is 4, and Lulu will be 2 in January, but my kids are weirdos, so your 4 or almost-2-year-old might have a very different list.  ALSO for the record, there be affiliate links ahead; if all twelve of you reading click through and buy something on Amazon, I may be able to buy half a Matchbox car. I’m not making big money off of the links is what I’m saying here.

For this holiday season, I will temporarily lift the toy embargo. If you are viewing this in a reader or your email or anywhere other than on our site itself, you might not know this, but Cole and Lulu both have wish lists posted in the right side bar.  I will pull out a few highlights, and outline their interests for those of you who are interested. (Hi, Aunt Deb!)


  • Wish List
  • wearing size 3T – he could use some thermal layers for skiing and snowman building this winter. He *loved* his fleece Spyder pants, but has outgrown them.
  • LOVES going to the movies, so GCs to our local theaters would be welcome (or you come take him out!). He currently takes swimming lessons and would like to add gymnastics, so tuition money for those is appreciated.
  • Cole’s major interests right now are super heroes (Spiderman, Batman, and Superman are favorites), Jake & the Neverland Pirates, and Transformers. He still loves Cars, and most of the characters from all recent Disney/Pixar movies.

  • Cole already owns a small set of magnatiles (thanks, Grandma!), and he plays with them *several* times a week. They have a set at school and he gravitates towards them there as well.  He yearns to build taller buildings and large cities, but is hampered by the size of his collection. These magnetic tiles are pricey, but they are really high quality – Cole plays with them a TON, and they will be as good as new when Lulu is ready to inherit them.

  • In the past 6 months, Cole has become really interested in playing family games. This one combines his love of Legos with a game that will keep his interest for years to come. The age indicated on the box is 7+, but I am confident that he will like to play as part of a team.

  • Alphie! I remember loving Alphie when I was a kid, and I think that Cole will be excited about the little teaching robot as well. This is one of those sneakily educational toys that will reinforce what Cole is learning at school. He can’t WAIT to learn to read, so any reinforcement he can get is great.
  • Playskool Heroes Rescue BotsWe already own Heatwave the Fire-Bot and Bumblebee, and Santa will be bringing Blades the Copter-Bot, but Cole would love to complete his collection with Chase the Police-Bot and Boulder the Construction-Bot.


  • Wish List
  • wearing size 24 months – Daddy finds matching outfits to be helpful, but Lulu would really just like any clothes that aren’t hand-me-downs! She has a pair of secondhand Uggs, but if she is going to get any skiing in this year, she will need more substantial boots – size 7. I She really likes any type of hair accessory as well – BOWS!
  • Our weeks are firmly anchored on Mondays with our Music for Aardvarks class, which is Lulu’s favorite thing EVER, and she would *love* to start dance class this spring.
  • Lulu loves *anything* her big brother is into, and firmly believes she is 5 (seriously, just ask her) so she has little interest in babyish items. She love, love, LOVES Minnie Mouse, and is a big fan of Bubble Guppies. She has recently gotten into mommying her babydolls – she has all but stolen Sugarplum from Cole – so accessories like baby bottles or her very own carrier would be big hits.  She also totes around poor maimed Ariel (I just looked in my archives for a link, but have apparently never posted that story so… coming soon!), and is a pretty big fan of Disney princesses and fairies.

  • We went to a play date at one of Cole’s friend’s houses, and Lulu tried her hardest to steal his Lambie. “Mine!”

  • Drawing AND getting to play with Mommy’s iPad? I’m pretty sure this would blow Lulu’s mind – and she might not ever play with anything else.

  • This is Lulu’s *favorite* toy in the playroom at the gym. She has a bus of a similar scale at Grammy Boo’s house, and loves to drive it, and put the figures into the seats, so this is sure to be a hit.
  • Maclaren Beatles Yellow Submarine Footmuff Cole still elects to go on my back much of the time, which leaves Lulu as our awesome stroller’s primary passenger. As the weather gets colder, this matching footmuff would keep her warm and toasty for winter zoo trips and outings.
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  1. I am going to buy Creationary RIGHT NOW! Through your link, of course! 🙂 We did Alphie a few years ago, and it was a HUGE hit! :)-Ashley

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