Our Week in iPhone Photos: 6/30-7/6

Another summer whirlwind week! Remember a few weeks ago when Cole got to go to a special preview of Dinosaurs After Dark? Well, Mommy’s recap was featured on the NY Metro Parents blog. Check it out! We are scheduling pool playdates with all of our friends since there’s been a heat wave coming through here, and we are SO happy to have Grammy Boo home! Coach comes back this week, too – YAY!


IMG_9776Cole and Mommy went to a super fun backyard birthday party on Sunday.


IMG_9789There may have been blue popsicles.


IMG_9824We met up with Aunt Angela for lunch at Panera – I love the red car outside!


IMG_9821Cole drove with Bob the Builder.


IMG_9829After lunch, we walked down to Barnes & Noble.


IMG_9858Then we headed back to Grammy Boo & Coach’s house for more stories.


IMG_9860I wanted to play on the swing at Coach’s house, but Mommy wouldn’t let me – something about it pouring rain.


IMG_9872I had a stomach virus and a pretty sever diaper rash, so I was SUPER cranky.


IMG_9879Mommy waited in a l-o-n-g line at Office Depot on Wednesday. Cole and I put ourselves on display, but no one bought us.


IMG_9885Cole was “listening for lightning bugs.”




IMG_9918Who knew 4th of July sales were so great? We did some major damage at Bergen Town Center.


IMG_9928I love the playground at Boulders Stadium.


IMG_9958Cole got his face painted…and then promptly wiped it out 4.2 seconds later.


IMG_0004Dollar hot dogs.


IMG_0025Cole is really good at saying “cheese.”


IMG_0046Natibaby Milky Way Violet Dreams – my legacy wrap!


IMG_0063Cousin Amy was home for the weekend so she came over to play with us.


IMG_0073Mommy got a pedicure for the first time in almost a year – and then went away for the weekend… without us!


IMG_0097Cole went to a great gymnastics birthday party while I hung out with Grandma.


IMG_0077Mommy went to a grown up party. With makeup and high heels!


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  1. Where did you go that sounds awesome???

    Also lets schedule a pool play date soon this is our first week of camp so trying to get settled

    • My cousin had a 30th anniversary party in Boston – it was GREAT! I slept in a bed without any babies, *and* I ate 2 meals without people’s fingers in my food or random screaming. I highly recommend it!

      Let me know when you’re free!

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