Our Week in iPhone Photos: 1/20 – 1/27

Oh my gosh, you guys… this week.  This week was not so memorable except for Thursday, when our lives flashed in front of our eyes – or at least Mommy’s life flashed in front of HER eyes; Cole slept through the entire car accident, and I had a great time flirting with the witnesses and policeman who stopped to help us.

What I’m saying is we’re really just glad to have made it through this week.


IMG_4431We so desperately needed to do laundry – thank goodness for banks that are open on Sunday!

IMG_4440We had an ice skating play date – Cole is getting pretty good! I’m not *quite* ready for skating – maybe I should learn to walk first, you know? – so Mommy and I stayed in the observation room to watch Cole and Daddy.


IMG_4449We had dinner at Grammy Boo & Coach’s house, where Cole decided to take a bath. With a bubble beard.


IMG_4451Fruit for breakfast!


IMG_4455Our original plan for Monday was to go to the zoo, but Cole decided to go the movies with Daddy instead.  Mommy and I went shopping while we were waiting for them – 77Kids is having a HUGE clearance sale because they’re changing their concept or something so we did some damage there, and then we stopped in the Lego store to see if we could snag a replacement for the Duplo zoo car that Cole lost. (It’s probably under Coach’s couch somewhere, but we can not find it!) The car we wanted was on display, but not available for purchase on its own. Boo.


IMG_4466On Tuesday, we had a play date at Trey’s house. We are all starting to get a bit stir crazy – it has been too cold to go out and play.


IMG_4477We had two small errands to run on Wednesday, and they took THREE hours because Cole was being particularly *cooperative.*  He wouldn’t get in the cart, get out of the cart, hold hands in the parking lot, leave the store… Sigh.


IMG_4480Cold outside + dry heat inside = amazing hair


IMG_4484Thursday started out with such promise; we had a wonderful morning with Harmony and R, and had SO much fun at the New York Hall of Science – we are definitely going to have to go back!







And then, on the way home, we crashed.


IMG_4513Luckily everyone was okay, but it was really scary.


IMG_4534Cole got to lead Shabbat at school this week, so Daddy took the morning off and we all went to see – school is so much fun!


IMG_4550Everyone else was having challah so I demanded a piece – yum!

IMG_4574After the Shabbat blessings and snack, Cole got to go first for Show & Tell.

IMG_4582And then I got to have an early lunch with Mommy and Daddy.

IMG_4585After we went home, Cole and I helped with the laundry.

IMG_4587Part of leading Shabbat at school is getting to bring home the special back pack with all the supplies to have your own Shabbat party at home!


IMG_4598I’m useless without my morning coffee…or Daddy should move his mug off the coffee table when he’s done with it.


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  1. Lulu is such a big girl! And her hair – awe-mazing! lol. I’m glad y’all were okay! Oh and I’m super impressed with Cole’s skating skills!

  2. Omg I still can’t believe about that car accident I feel so bad!!!

  3. I HIGHLY approve of Lulu’s penguin outfit! So cute!!

    The Hall of Science looks like a great time!

    And again, so sorry about your car, glad you guys are okay!!!

    • Did you see how her bow matches the penguin’s bow? So loving accessorizing her! The Hall of Science was so much fun – I can’t wait to go back. I’m super sad about my poor car, but we were very, very lucky that no one was hurt.

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