The Holidays Are Coming

I know, I know – I’m supposed to respect the turkey… and I do, usually, but Chanukah starts December 8th this year, so if I wait until Thanksgiving to start thinking about our holiday cards, it will be a big rush!  As it stands now, Mommy will spend a few nights obsessing over it, then forget the whole thing until Black Friday, and then panic over getting them out on time…

And it’s snowing. I’m totally allowed to start thinking about the holidays because IT IS SNOWING.  I’d post a picture of what it looks like out our window right now, but 1) why would I lie? and 2) it’s just too depressing.

So. Holiday cards.  *Usually* our cards are Hanukkah specific, because we are Jewish, but Mommy has had a lot of trouble finding a card she LOVES for this year, so we’re thinking of branching out.  We got a lot of compliments on Baby Lulu’s birth announcement/New Year’s cards last year, so maybe we’ll do something like that again…

Mommy really loved the quality of the invitations she ordered from Tiny Prints for my 1st birthday, so she checked out their holiday designs – and, oh my goodness, there are about a million different options!

I like this one because it’s not too Christmas-y… plus Mommy wouldn’t have to pick just ONE photo. (How do people DO that??)

We’ll probably use our own pictures; we don’t even know Evan, Sally, Jordan, and Tate.
Mommy loves the calm colors in this one, but it probably doesn’t go with our family’s personality – we tend to be LOUD.
Look! We could use ALL the pictures! And it’s a postcard – cheaper stamps!
Sigh… Decisions, decisions.
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