Mommy’s in the Picture – Wear ‘Em Wednesday

Hi! So, I know this is a few days late, but I’m back dating it because the linky is for Babywearing Wednesday, not Babywearing Friday!  Sorry I kind of fell off the grid for a few days there – Mommy went over the edge after too many days of not enough sleep.

We’re better now.

Anyway, I got a package in the mail from Aunt Maya this week – and I am SOOOOOOOO excited for my new carrier…but that’s a total tease because Mommy & I haven’t really had the chance to play with it enough for a lot of pictures.  Instead of introducing the newest part of our collection, then, we’re going to share some Mommy pics!

There is a movement on our corner of the Interwebz calling for mommies to be in FRONT of the camera more often – so Mommy’s making a bit of a concerted effort.  Most of the pics of us with Mommy are cell phone selfies while we are being worn – here are a few from the past month:

 I fell asleep on the way to the aquarium, so Mommy let me finish my nap in our BabyHawk mei tai.

 This is what we look like when Henry has to go out – I’m not even sure which carriers we are in under there, but we are bundled up in our Suse’s Kinder Fleece.  It’s starting to get a little chilly for the fleece alone – Mommy has a Teton jacket on the tippy top of her wish list.
 That BabyHawk must have sleepy dust in it, because Baby Lulu succumbed to its power at the zoo.
 If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this, but it’s so gorgeous we’ll share it again! Lulu spent almost all of last Friday snuggled in a Sakura Bloom pixie sling.
She never quite fell asleep, but she was thinking about it…
I stowed away in our Olives and Applesauce carrier for our shopping trip in the city…

 …and then Baby Lulu got a turn.
 And, finally, here’s a sneak peak of our new SSC.  I don’t think really counts as a picture of Mommy, but I couldn’t resist including it – I *love* the hood!

I’m loving this link up! What should we blog about next week?  YOU should link up, too!

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  1. Holy crap wearing both of them at the same time! Your mommy is a brave woman. Is that jacket that she's wearing made to be worn with wraps? I'm intrigued!

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