L’Shana Tovah

Happy New Year! For all of my Jewish tweeps and bleeps, welcome to 5771!

IT seems like the last few weeks have been a series of new beginnings: the beginning of my second year, the start of a new season, and finally Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish new year.

With that in mind, it’s time to think about a new “bucket list” for the fall… Some of my Summer Bucket List items will carry over, but I’m looking for fresh ideas. So what’s your favorite thing to do in the fall?

I’m starting a Fall Field Trip list!

Bronx Zoo

Circle Line Harbor Cruise

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Morningside Park

Ancient Playground @ Central Park

Apple Picking @ Warwick Valley Winery

a Halloween party

Depiero’s Farm

day trip to Lake George

inflation of Thanksgiving Parade balloons

Oktoberfest @ Bear Mountain

Who wants to come with me? Any other exciting ideas? (preferably FREE ones!)

…and, just for fun, a pic from LAST fall:

Enjoy some apples and honey (if you’re over a year old) and have a happy and sweet new year!
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    -cousin amy

  2. I want to go!! Especially when you're in the city. Woooo playdate! Cole tell mommy to email me at nobabynoblog at gmail dot com.

  3. i was going to make a fall to do list later this month! i def want to go apple picking. would love to do circle line!

  4. Oh Cole, you were so cute last fall!!!

    Mason and I want to do a fall bucket list! Unfortunately we live in the sticks and everything fun requires like a 2 hour drive :o( The only thing on ours (that I've thought of so far) is pumpkin patch and a small zoo like park (which may have already sent a lot of their animals away for the winter) You guys are lucky to have so much fun stuff nearby!

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