#96 – 1000 Awesome Things

Homemade Knit Items

Once upon a time, Mommy decided to make Daddy a scarf for Chanukah. She bought the yarn and new needles and asked Grammy to “remind” her how to cast on and give her a tutorial before she began work in early October. The holidays rolled around and the scarf wasn’t ready, so Mommy figured it would become a Valentine’s Day gift. It was *still* not done in February, so Daddy got it for his birthday. In April. To clarify, this was not a complicated cable-knit masterpiece. Basic knit stitch all the way, switching colors for a stripe at each end – and yet it still took Mommy almost 6 months. The finished product is wider at one end than the other, and a bit too short, but Daddy wears it every year anyway. That’s love.

Mommy’s lack of knitting skillz is somewhat surprising given her family’s knitting background; she and Uncle Matt barely owned any sweaters as children that were not created by their grandmother. We still have some put away to be grown into and treasured by future generations.

Grammy, also, is a knitter. She has made afghans for almost everyone we know! The blanket Mommy and I cuddle in on the couch is made by Grammy, as is the one draped over the rocking chair in my room.

I have received countless booties and hats and sweaters from all of Grandma’s friends and almost anyone Mommy ever met who can work with yarn and needles. I will *never* be cold, given my stockpile of handmade blankies. Who knows? Maybe Mommy will make me a scarf… if she starts now it might be done in time for my Bar Mitzvah.

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  1. Look at those beautiful blankets!

    Maybe mommy will learn. 😉

    Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

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