Give me a new name!

First off, have you entered this week’s giveaway yet? You only have 2 days left!

Remember way back in January, when I first started the blog and I posted, like, once over on WordPress before moving over to Blogger? There are a lot of reasons why I really like Blogger as my home: first and foremost, it is super user friendly. With my *very* limited coding skills, I’m able to get it to look the way I want and adding new posts couldn’t be easier. WordPress, however, has one BIG advantage: the ability to self-host. Basically that means that you truly have complete control over your own blog. Actually, I never self-hosted, even for that one week I was on WordPress, because I was on and the self-hosted version is Whatever.

ANYway. The short version of this story is that sometime in the next few months I will be moving again – this time hopefully to my permanent home. My blog is outgrowing Blogger, much as I love it for its ease of use.

My question for you then, readers, is what should my new domain name (web address) be? The problem with “Cole’s First Blog” is that the apostrophe would not be included in the URL and that would bug Mommy. I’ve elicited a few suggestions via Twitter, so those are included in the poll below, but feel free to suggest something entirely different in a comment! For simplicity’s sake, I’ve used capitalization in the poll, but usually domain names are not case sensitive so you may want to keep that in mind…

Help me choose a new address!

Thanks! I won’t be actually moving for a while yet, but I will be working on getting the new site up and running before making the switch.

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