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This is my blog, but Henry and I share a lot of things (his toys, my toys, my socks, my binky – I’m a better sharer than he is…or he’s just faster), and so observant readers may have noticed he has his own spot in the right sidebar.

For the past month or so, his pick has been freekibble.com – each day, freekibble.com donates 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters for each person who visits and answers a trivia question – even if you get the question wrong! It’s a fun way to learn a bit about dogs at the same time as helping hungry animals.

This month, Henry has a new pick – k9cuisine.com. k9cuisine.com sells premium and organic dog food with fast and free shipping – sort of like diapers.com, but for dogs!

Okay, first – they’re not selling Kibbles ‘N Bits here – that’s doggie junk food! Now, Mommy and Daddy both grew up with dogs who were fed supermarket brand kibble and were perfectly healthy, but we know Henry was their first baby and is completely spoiled. As a puppy, he had a bunch of tummy troubles and intestinal problems (he had a biweekly date with his BFF, the vet) so Mommy did what she does best – she googled! She found a dog food analysis web site and multiple online pet forums, which led her to make the switch to Wellness. Henry’s digestive processes showed improvement almost immediately after the switch and he has more energy than ever (which is not always such a great thing!). Our vet is very pleased with his health and level of fitness, and Daddy is pleased with the end results as well (if Henry wore diapers, they’d be way less gross now).

So we like Wellness, but we can easily get it at the local pet nutrition store, without bothering with online ordering, shipping, etc. So why k9cuisine.com? Simple. We like companies that give back – and Anthony Holloway makes it a habit to give back. Next time we’re running low on puppy chow, we’ll know who to turn to!

I know, this post totally reads like a commercial, right? None of the companies mentioned solicited or contributed anything to this review, and we have not received any products or money in exchange for endorsement. (We wouldn’t turn ’em down, though – if you want to send us free stuff, we’re all about it!)
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  1. Hi Henry. You are cute. My Maddie says to tell you she eats Wellness Puppy kibble.

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