#97 – 1000 Awesome Things

The First Warm Days of Spring

The winter is l-o-n-g here in the Northeast, so when the temperature *finally* rises above 50 degrees, everyone is ready to shed some layers and spend some time outside!

This spring has been unseasonably warm in New York, but we’re not complaining! We’ve been to the New York Botanical Gardens and Central Park, and last Sunday, we went to Spring Dog Fest…

Henry was afraid of this guy: , but I was really just confused. We had a great afternoon wandering around and visiting all the vendors – we even won raffle prizes! We won 5 free dogwalks and 1 free grooming – Henry’s a pretty lucky guy! All of that fun (and the warm weather) tired him out, so he found a shady spot to relax in while he was waiting for us to be ready to go.
Doesn’t he look handsome with his summer haircut and his new bandanna?

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