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It is such a treat to have Brody here today. Henry *loves* hearing about his daily adventures! Check out Pawcurious for Brody stories and episodes of Pet Doctor Barbie.

Beginning Kid Training, By Dogs for Dogs

OK, Henry. Here’s the deal:

You’ve been hanging in there for the last 7 months or so, watching the bald ape-thing get all the attention while you’re patiently standing by hoping for a rub or two. I get that. We’ve all been there.

I hope you didn’t act out too much, eating diapers, licking up diaper cream, tearing up the new Gymboree outfits (trust me, the humans get REALLY mad when you do that.) If you did, that’s OK, there’s still time to salvage this.

You might have had a little bit of resentment this past year, but if you stick with me here your life is about to get a whole lot better.

The kid’s eating food now, right? It might not look too impressive right now, all that mushy boiled vegetables. I don’t think they start feeding them bones or anything until they’re at least two. But now is the time to get your “in.”

They don’t always like the vegetables. You need to offer your help and encouragement. Give Cole a little nudge, just to let him know you’re there. Once you have his attention, wag your tail, jump up and down, make him laugh. Then stop and look meaningfully at his hand.

Trust me, they’re smarter than they look, even without any fur. Wait till he drops something. Even if it’s something unexciting like a pea, make a big stink about it. Roll around a bit if you have to. He’ll realize you are more than willing to provide a little dinnertime entertainment in return for some nibbles.

Before you know it, food’s gonna be raining down like manna from heaven. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. The humans may get a little annoyed at first, but usually if you make a point of showing just how clean and shiny you are making the floor, they decide this is a win-win situation and leave you alone.

It takes a little time to forge this relationship, but the rewards are immense. I’ve spent many a lazy summer afternoon curled up on the floor with my kid getting licks of her popsicle until her mom catches us (try to avoid that part when you can.) Wait till you see what they do for his first birthday. AWE-SOME.

Good luck, and happy eating!


Brody the Golden Retriever lives a very fulfilled and treat-filled life with his two kids in sunny San Diego. His mom, Dr V, is a veterinarian who documents his troublemaking daily over at

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  1. I love this!!! Maybe Brody can give our dog Indie a few tips? I just wrote about Indie a few days ago. He's been having a rough time. Read this & see what I mean.

    Beth, Baby Lily, and Indie

  2. This. is. the. best. LOL!!! I love Bordy. Too funny/

  3. I read this to Joe and Daisy and they are ready and waiting for the when baby mash turns into good food! Joe's already had his chance with peas and apple pieces and is catching on quickly! LOL

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