Six Month Stats

I had my half birthday on Wednesday and yesterday I had my six month pediatrician appointment. Coach had to come over and give us a ride because someone stole two of Mommy’s tires and her car looks like this: (Actually right now her car looks like that, except it also has 2 feet of snow piled on top of it.)

We were really glad to get out of the house because the weather has been atrocious for the entire week, so Henry, Mommy, and I have just been stuck inside.

I was happy to see Dr. S, right up until he mistook me for a pincushion; I had to get four shots – and Mommy just STOOD there! I suppose it could have been worse, though: Dr. S was also my mohel.

ANYway, right now I’m 26″ tall (up 1.5″ since December) and 16lbs 11ozs (up 3lbs 2ozs). A 3 pound weight gain may not sound like much over the course of 2 months, but it’s a 23% gain – imagine gaining almost 25% of your body weight! I’m growing up fast!

That’s because I’m putting my new teeth to good use. I’ve been chomping away on all sorts of fruits and veggies – I *love* bananas…and when I eat them I even get some in my mouth!

Daddy made me some apples with cinnamon tonight. He cooked them ’til they were really mushy for me, but not quite applesauce.

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  1. OMG what a precious baby you are. Just looking at you makes me happy. thanks. XD

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