Baggino Learners Bib: Try-It-Out Tuesday

Okay, first, an announcement: a few weeks ago, I requested suggestions for a name for my Soothe and Glow Seahorse. I got a ton of good ideas, both through comments and e-mail, but there was a clear winner… Grammy and Aunt Deb both independently came up with “Seabiscuit” – you know, like the racehorse? I’m just enough of a dork (I take after Mommy and Daddy that way) that I find the wordplay amusing, so Seabiscuit it is!

In other news, I’m running out of toys to review. In hindsight, that was maybe not the best weekly feature to begin – especially when I started doubling them up (Winkel & Sophie). So I’m replacing “Toy Review Tuesday” with “Try-It-Out Tuesday,” which will be reviews of any baby-related gear including, but not limited to, toys. This will also manage all of my reviews into a single weekly feature – they were kind of taking over a little bit (Moby, Highchair) and I don’t want to just be a review blog. Finally, and this is the case this week, occasionally I will highlight reviews from other bloggers – especially of items I’d like to try out, but have not yet had the chance to.

My friend Mandy over at Harper’s Happenings recently reviewed Bagginos Learners Bibs. There’s no need to re-post her entire review (you can find it here), but I’ll give you a few of her main points:

  • “the bib is made of soft cotton terry and has long sleeves and the front is extra long. think food-catching snuggie for babies. it velcros in the back and has elastic on the cuffs so food can’t sneak in.”

  • “it doubles as an art smock”

  • “right now, through the end of february, Baggino is donating 50% of their sales to the relief efforts in Haiti.”

You can find Mandy’s full review (AND adorable pictures of her gorgeous daughter, Harper, modeling the bib) here.

Mommy is *dying* to try one of these bibs since I’ve started eating solid foods – bananas are MESSY – so if anyone else has an opinion on it (or a different suggestion), we’d love to hear it!

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I need a bib.
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