Our Week in iPhone Photos: 6/16-6/22

It’s kind of hard to believe that the official start to the summer was just a few days ago – Cole has been out of school for weeks, and we are still trying to put together some sort of summer schedule… We anticipate a lot of long days at the pool! Mommy has teamed up with a sonogram center in Scarsdale and will be starting a series of Lamaze classes soon, so she’s been putting that together, and Daddy just finished his last week of school… which means nothing because summer school starts up this week. Sigh.


IMG_9308We spent Father’s Day at a Boulders game, and then headed to Aunt Angela and Uncle David’s house for a little early birthday celebration for her. (Aunt Angela’s birthday was Tuesday.)


IMG_9318I am usually more interested in the snacks than the game.


IMG_9342Some manly bonding time on the couch…


IMG_9345Monday was my last Music for Aardvarks class for the summer, and we had it outside in the park.

IMG_9348Since Cole didn’t have school, he came with us!


IMG_9357And so did Max!


IMG_9365Lunch at Harry’s Burrito’s after Aardvarks used to be a weekly tradition; given our my behavior, Mommy is not 100% sure they were happy to see us…


IMG_9368This guy is the first cicada we saw; since then we’ve spotted maybe 2 or 3 more – certainly not the plague we were anticipating!


IMG_9369Seriously tuckering morning = couch nap.


IMG_9373I still rarely sleep through the night with Cole, but I’m starting more and more nights in there.


IMG_9375On Tuesday, we wandered around Woodbury Commons – Mommy snapped this because we were *just* trying to convince Daddy that “ginormous” is a word.


IMG_9376Another day, another couch nap.


IMG_9377Are you guys tired of the bedsharing pics yet? Because Mommy loves them, so you won’t be able to escape them for awhile, I think.


IMG_9380We spent ALL day on Wednesday at the pool.


IMG_9381And then we went for ice cream. Wednesday kind of rocked.


IMG_9391All that sun on Wednesday meant I was kind of tuckered on Thursday. I napped through most of our trip to the mall.


IMG_9397Cole went to Scaring Class at the Disney Store – check out his Monsters U ID card!


IMG_9407Practicing his scariest snarl…


IMG_9417We headed to Joe’s for dinner at Cole’s request. Did you know the servers there dance?


IMG_9419I was unimpressed.


IMG_9430Another sleeping shot. I’m not sorry.


IMG_9440We met up with an old friend of Mommy’s for lunch on Friday, and Cole took this pic of me after commandeering Mommy’s phone.


IMG_9444I stole someone’s coupe at the playground, but it didn’t make a very good getaway car.




IMG_9453Don’t all t-ball coaches wear pink sparkly sunglasses?


IMG_9456Mommy tried to hide for a few minutes when she and Cole came home, but we found her!


IMG_9468We headed over to Ridge Hill to walk around, and Cole relaxed in the hammock in LL Bean.


IMG_9473Then we hit up Stew Leonard’s. Cole *loves* the dancing banana girl.


IMG_9476I was not so sure about her.


IMG_9486Mommy is kind of a creepy stalker.

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  1. Cannot even stand how ADORABLE they are sleeping together…oh my Gosh, does your heart just melt when you see them??!! :)-The Dose Girls

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