29 Months: Lulu Edition

or “How My Pretty Princess Sister Has Turned into Some Sort of Hell Demon and is Trying to Drive Mommy Mad”

IMG_0548Hey, you guys! Long time… I’ve been VERY busy in pre-K, so Mommy has sort of taken over around here, and it might be time to pass over the reins; while I’ve graduated pre-school, I will b headed to camp in a few weeks, and then? KINDERGARTEN. I am a busy guy.  Lulu hasn’t had a milestone post in a while, though, so let’s see what we can do about that…

Lulu, all of a sudden, has multiple personalities. Sometimes she is independent and funny and cute, and MORE OF THE TIME, she is *crazy.* She is VERY opinionated (no idea where she got that from!), stubborn (seriously, where?), and entirely unreasonable (certainly does not sound like anyone I know).

She constantly repeats “I do it mySELF” or “Need my OWN one,” and has this eardrum-shattering screech when she doesn’t get her way. This girl can throw a majorly impressive tantrum.

She also is mid-potty training, so we’ve had a few…damp…days around here.


On the more charming side of things, she is a STAR. She loves to dance and sing – and anything that vaguely resembles a stage prompts a concert. She has performed in the window of the Gap, in the gazebo in Nyack, and on a reading platform at Barnes & Noble, among other places.  Don’t try to sing along though – she is a solo diva, and she does not take requests.


What else? She’ll talk your ear off if you let her – her vocabulary is nearly as impressive as mine, and she loves to draw (on paper, on her legs, on the walls). She gives really great kisses and hugs – you know when she’s not flailing around and kicking and screaming. She loves giraffes and is scared of leopards.

Shall we check in with Baby Center?

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Brushes teeth with help – Yup, and she uses it as one of many bedtime procrastination tactics. Also, after she brushes them, she shows you her WIDE open mouth and you have to say “ahhh! Those teeth are so bright and shiny! I’m blind!”
  • Washes and dries own hands – Yup! Obsessively. You have to drag her away from the sink – and she is NOT pleased when you do.
  • Draws a vertical line – Not sure. Probably? She does a LOT of drawing.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Draws a circle – Again, maybe?
  • Balances on one foot – Yes. She does a *very* fancy dance move involving balancing on one foot.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Puts on a t-shirt – She takes them OFF fairly well…
  • Names one color – She knows WAY more than one color.
  • Names one friend – Sarah and Sydney and Maddy, oh my!


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