Our Week in iPhone Photos: 6/23-6/29

Our summer calendar is filling up – despite not feeling like we have much to do, whenever we try to make plans with friends, we have to navigate through previous appointments that have somehow appeared on our calendar. This week went somewhat slowly, possibly because it is approximately 7000% humidity here in New York and Mommy wilts just *thinking* of dragging us anywhere. Grammy Boo comes back from vacation this week, and Coach will be home the week after that – woot woot!


IMG_9497Mommy and Cole went to see Monsters U on Sunday, and got The Best parking spot EVER. Seriously, the mall is notoriously crazy on Sundays, and they were running late, so Mommy had planned just to park in the first spot she saw and run in, but the first spot she saw was the FIRST spot next to the entrance. WHAT?

I stayed home with Daddy and was a teeny bit cranky at having been left behind.

IMG_9486I have officially made the switch to sleeping in Cole’s room. He is a deep sleeper who doesn’t seem to mind me thrashing all over the place, and we wake each other up in the morning. WIN.


IMG_9499Three kids in the car, heading to the zoo!

IMG_9506The Asian monorail is one of Mommy’s favorite parts of the zoo. Cole was saying “cheese.”


IMG_9514Peeking over the railing at the baby rhino.

IMG_9527Cole did not want to wear the 3D glasses for the movie. He preferred Mommy’s sunglasses.

IMG_9528I love the Bug Carousel.

IMG_9545Mommy = Sherpa


IMG_9563Sitting all the way up in the web.

IMG_9576I’m a turtle.

IMG_9578Cole’s a turtle, too!

IMG_9584Feeding the goats.

IMG_9597Cole’s a fox.

IMG_9598I’m a fox, too!

IMG_9588Done for the day!


IMG_9607Cole has strong muscles.

IMG_9615You know what’s cuter than Cole in his hipster hat?

IMG_9616ME in Cole’s hipster hat!

IMG_9621Also, me in a big bow headband.

IMG_9625This is the Cutest EVER.


IMG_9628Wednesday was a super lazy day. I took 2 naps.

IMG_9634I helped Cole build a house.

IMG_9645And had a dance party in the living room.


IMG_9655Thursday was lazy, too. What did we even DO this week?


IMG_9699A local park hosted a camp out on Friday, and Cole and Daddy slept over!

IMG_9720There was a DJ giving out glow necklaces.

IMG_9721And a barbecue…  This event was so nice; it was held in one of our favorite parks with a beautiful playground, and they had a bounce house, and showed a movie on the big screen.  Next year, I want to stay over in the tent, too!


IMG_9724Saturday morning was Cole and Trey’s first t-ball game. For the record, Trey is almost exactly one year older than Cole.

IMG_9733Batter up! The smallest size the jerseys come in is a kids’ small – which is clearly WAY too big on Cole – when it’s not tucked in, it nearly hits his ankles.

IMG_9742Mommy looks super coach-y in her shirt and hat.

IMG_9743The combination of camping out and t-ball wiped Cole out.

IMG_9747He perked up after dim sum brunch, though!

IMG_9759We spent a really nice day wandering around Ridgewood with Grandma and Uncle David and Aunt Angela.


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  1. Wow, that zoo looks amazing! Ours doesn’t have rhinos or a monorail. And the bedsharing siblings have killed me dead with cuteness.

    • We love, love, love the Bronx Zoo – we go at least once a month or so. I spoke too soon about bed sharing; Lulu was SUPER cranky and up all night last night. She has a bit of a diaper rash that I can’t seem to get rid of, so hopefully once that clears up she will be back to normal.

  2. Sorry I missed the zoo!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, how cute are Cole and Lulu in the same bed?! I can’t wait to get Andrew and Liam in one together too. Adorable!!

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