Mission accomplished!

We made it the required 3 weeks of cold and fever symptom free time and got toLu’s appointment early today – no traffic heading into the city. She changed into hospital jammies and calmly played and colored while they took her vitals and we waited for her turn. She was a little nervous, but not terrible.

Adam and I were able to come into the back with her while they scanned her for any hidden metal and put her to sleep. That went *very* quickly, but she was calm going in and then we just went back to the main area to wait… and wait… and wait.

Because she was getting pictures of #allthethings (brain, optics, brain stem, complete spine – all with and without contrast), the scan was about 3 1/2 hours long.

She came back to recovery at around 5:00 and was awake within about half an hour. They gave her some cookies and juice to make sure she could tolerate them and sent us on our way – 6ish hours after we got there. 

Lu had to fast in the morning and then was in the test most of the day so her tiny cup of juice and 2 oreos were not really holding her – she and Cole requested lo mein for dinner so we stopped off for Chinese on the way home. Trying not to read too much into Lu’s fortune.

The neurologist said to call him if we hadn’t heard anything by Tuesday – so hopefully tomorrow, but probably Monday. I hope there is SOME answer found and a clear plan to follow!

Thank you so much to everyone who has held us in their thoughts – it meant a lot to see comments of support and for so many friends to reach out. We are so thankful for our community.


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