What I Did on My Summer Vacation



Sorry. I just had a moment there – I am *so* excited about going to school today! You guys have no idea.

Anyway.  Remember how we went to Ocean City for our summer vacation? Well, Baby Lulu wasn’t the only one who had a great time!

While Lulu rode on Mommy’s back, I hitched a ride to the beach on Daddy.
I *love* the beach – and at Ocean City, they even have a playground!
I spent the week building sand castles…
burying new friends in the sand…
and getting buried myself.
 I took long walks with Daddy…
played in the waves…
and had some serious fun at the amusement park.
I even pondered some future career options while daddy picked some surf fishing tips. We had SO much fun!
It might be time for a new pair of swim trunks…
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  1. I love love love Ocean City – can't wait to take my kiddos there! Good luck today – we're off to our first day this afternoon too. 🙂

  2. Wow looks like you guys had a great time! My mom has a picture of me on those motorcycles, too (we would have had one of Mags too, but it was raining)! Ocean City is the BEST!!!

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