Uh, sorry…

I’ve been running Mommy into the ground, so in the evening time when she usually sets my posts to publish, she has been too tired to log on.

As par for our June weekend course, we had big adventures on Saturday and Sunday; we headed to my cousins’ house for swimming and barbecue on Saturday, and on Sunday we went to the zoo with Grammy Boo and Coach, and then went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner! My cousin Meredith is home from college for a few weeks, so Mommy and I hung out with her on Monday, and then went to our condo pool for the first time this season.

On Monday, I also gave Mommy a heart attack when I hulk-smashed out of my playpen while I was supposed to be napping and then climbed up the stairs to find Mommy. I am baby Houdini!

I’ll be back tomorrow to do a 22 month (!!!) run down, but posts next week will be sparce because I’m going to Disney World with Uncle Matt!

And, because it’s Thursday, here’s a Thousand Word Thursday pic:

Vintage Cole, 6/2010
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  1. Awww. look at him! Doesn't that make you miss those younger days?

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