20 Months

Before we talk about how old I’m getting and how Mommy is a little anxious that she will blink and I’ll be begging for her car keys, I’m going to bug you guys a little bit. The March of Dimes “March for Babies” is this Saturday, so I have 5 more days to do a bit of fundraising {read: hit you up for donations}. I don’t ask for a lot from you guys, and *most* of you just read and run, without leaving a comment behind to let me know you’ve visited… But you *do* visit – I see you on Google Friends Connect and Facebook and subscribed to my RSS feed. I have Google Analytics – do you hear me, lurkers? I know you’re out there! Plus, every once in a while, people talk to me in real life about things they’d never know if they didn’t learn it here. So, anyway, I’m asking you a favor.

Pretty please, if you think I’m even the teensiest bit cute, or you like to visit here very once in a while, consider donating to this worthy cause. It’s really easy to donate online – they even take PayPal. Even $5 would get me closer to my goal, and I’d so appreciate it.

Just CLICK HERE to donate!

Or? Come and keep Mommy and me company! If you’re a local friend, JOIN OUR TEAM and walk, too!

Anyway, moving on…

How has it been a month since my last check in with BabyCenter?! Mommy was still answering “19 months” when people asked my age as of Friday – and my 20 monthday was yesterday! At this rate, we will blink and I will be 2!

I haven’t had a weigh-in recently, so while we *could* go visit Dr. Andy, maybe we’ll leave him alone for a while and just not know my exact weight. I’m wearing mostly 18 month clothes, with some 12 month shirts leftover from the fall. My shoes are size 5.5, and I’ve *finally* moved on to size 4 diapers…

The other major change this month is my appetite – I’m eating real meals on a more regular basis, and while there are still some times when I turn up my nose at lunch, more often than not I’m gobbling up my food. I *insist* on using my own utensils and feeding myself, with varying degrees of success…

Finally, I am even *more* assertive in my ideas and demands. Mommy is a bit nervous terrified about the terrible twos…

So, lets check in with BabyCenter and see how I compare to the other toddlers my age:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Feeds doll – Mommy *almost* got a picture of me feeding a piece of banana to my roll-y crocodile {while murmuring ” yum, yum”}, but, as per usual, she was just a touch too slow.
  • Takes off own clothes – Yup.
  • Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away – My great *joy* in life is putting objects in containers.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Learns words at a rate of 10 or more a day – 10+ a day?! That seems like a lot! I can repeat a whole bunch of words, but Mommy’s not sure how many I’m adding to my useable lexicon on a daily basis. I *do* come up with things she never would have thought I knew regularly, though.
  • Can walk up stairs (but probably not down) – I love stairs! Love. I could spend the entire day going up and down the stairs in our walkway, if Mommy would let me.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • May start exploring genitals – That’s a little private, BabyCenter. I think I will decline to respond here because this seems like the type of information I will regret putting on the internet in a decade or so. (Ummm, also? Is this really a “skill?”)
  • Draws a straight line – No. hahahahahahaha. No. I barely even scribble – I guess I’m not destined to be an artist…
  • Names several body parts – Definitely. I’m all set for Simon Says or the Hokie Pokie. I even know random ones like “elbow.”

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  1. “(Ummm, also? Is this really a “skill?”)” Hahahahaha I laughed and laughed when I read this!

    How is it possible that you're 20 months?!!? It was just your 1st birthday like two months ago! EEEKKK!!!!

  2. Good luck & have fun on your walk. I'm walking the march in NC this weekend!

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