Mystic, Part 1

Daddy had spring break last week, and we decided at the last minute to take a mini-vacation! Mystic, CT is dog-friendly and has a ton of fun things to do, so we made a reservation for Thursday and Friday nights and off we went…

We arrived on Thursday, and immediately hit Kitchen Little for lunch. {An aside here about how “Kosher for Passover” works for our family; we’ve already discussed how we’re Jewish Lite, right? We don’t keep Kosher (separating dairy from meat, no shellfish, etc) on a regular basis, but we *do* avoid chametz (bread, oats, barley, etc) during the week of Passover. What does that mean? Mommy’s omelet with crabmeat in it? Totally fine, but she nixed the toast on the side.} We *highly* recommend Kitchen Little if you’re in the Mystic area, and it’s RIGHT next to the Mystic Seaport, which was our destination for the day.

Mystic Seaport is an outdoor museum relating to ships and early American life. There are a ton of exhibits kind of like Colonial Williamsburg (a school, a church, a pharmacy), and there are boats you can tour, too. It was a little bit windy on Thursday afternoon, but otherwise nice to spend sometime walking around.

I drove a boat, rode a few whales, and took a ride on Mommy’s back when I go tired.

We checked into the hotel and left Henry to take a nap, while we headed out to dinner. Daddy found an *amazing* local sushi restaurant through Yelp, and I chowed down on yakitori and edamame – YUM!

Mommy made plans to meet Suzanne and her family on Friday at the Mystic Aquarium. Since it was school vacation for kids in Connecticut as well, the aquarium was super crowded. It was also a little chilly out, but Evan and I had a great time running around together before they went home. Unfortunately I had a *serious* touch tank related meltdown right before we tried to take a group picture so they all look like this:

Evan and I *did* share some super-cute toddler high fives, but Daddy didn’t quite capture the moment, so it looks like Evan is hitting me instead:

I have sooooo many pictures, but this post is too long already, so you’ll have to wait until Friday for them.

Also? Did you remember how Mommy and I are walking for the March of Dimes on Saturday? Did you think I was going to make it through a day without asking you for a donation? It appears you were mistaken.

Ha! In giant purple letters no less! Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated – I really appreciate the support. 🙂

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  1. Your pictures are great! I got mine onto the hard drive but haven't even checked yet to see if I got a high-five in action. I'll send you one if it's there! We had a great time meeting you and your mommy and daddy!

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