Let Sleeping Toddlers Lie

Let’s keep this post on the down low, mmkay? Because, generally, when I post about something like this, it causes a jinx. What I’m about to tell you? Has been going on for almost TWO months now, AND survived this weekend’s time adjustment.

Check me out:
That’s right – I have a full on solid sleep routine – I sleep through the night AND nap on a regular basis! I even *request* naptime when I’m tired, and go to my crib awake at night!

This is such a far cry from the newborn who slept in 20 minute spurts separated by hours of screaming. It’s a whole different routine than making a sleep-deprived Mommy want to cry after a night of 4 to 5 wakings, an early morning breakfast at 5:30, and a full day of no-napping. There is no delicate bedtime ballet of allowing me to fall into a deep sleep before attempting to delicately place me in my crib without setting me off and waking me up for another hour or two.

Now? I sleep through the night. Consistently. Until about 7AM. Now? I nap. For more than 20 minutes at a time, In my crib. Without having to have been completely tired out by 17 morning activities first.

Here’s the thing, though: Mommy has NO idea how this happened. We didn’t do Cry It Out or Sleep Training or anything like that. I just grew into it – the colic and acid reflux that kept me up constantly in those first months faded, I weathered all the Wonder Weeks, and developmentally expected sleep regressions, and teething, and stomach viruses, and a cold that wouldn’t quit – and came out the other side someone who resembles the baby that all the informational books and websites describe. 15.5 hours a sleep at one month old? In a day? No. Try a week.

But now? You know, Mommy is much more cheerful when she’s not hallucinating from a lack of decent REM cycles.

This? looks like the least comfortable sleeping position ever – look at where my left hand is! Mommy is Not Going To Question It, though. Also? Clearly we are not winning Battle Binky.
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  1. That is so awesome! Yay Cole!!!!!!

  2. Yay for sleeping!!!!! And that last picture looks SO uncomfortable!!

    I used reverse blog psychology without even knowing it! The day I posted about Mason being so miserable in his helmet? It's been pretty much smooth sailing from then on!

    Maybe your reverse blog psychology will help get rid of the Binky (and not the sleep!!) We can dream, right?

  3. That's fantastic! The other day I attempted to move my Little who fell asleep on accident in our recliner. She woke when I moved her and then ended up with no nap…next time I think I'll leave her there! We are losing Battle Binky too…she sleeps with 5 of them and totes them around in a bucket!

  4. This is how our awesome sleeping happened too. Just luck. No training, no method. I can't even PRETEND to recreate it with baby #2. I have no idea how it happened but it's the best thing ever and I think it's karma's payback for the sleep battles that happened between months 0 and 15.

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