#56 – 1000 Awesome Things


Mommy is definitely a Daddy’s girl. Even her former students recognize Coach from the many times he has been pressed into service to help build sets, record class performances, and just come visit.

Coach was there last year when Mommy held auditions when I was two weeks old. Once or twice a week, he cradled me and listened to me shriek for hours at a time (colic + acid reflux = no fun) while Mommy ran rehearsal – often she’d leave and come back to find us standing in the same exact position: swaying on the only section of living room floor that doesn’t creak and squeak.

I didn’t scream ALL the time. Sometimes we napped.

Coach is always ready to play. He and Grammy Boo bought me a tricycle (with a bell! and streamers in the handlebars!) before I was even born.

See Coach’s beard? That’s new this winter. He looks like Santa, right?

Also, when Mommy gets sick and would like to call out sick, but can’t because she doesn’t work, she calls in Coach as her reinforcements. When she and Daddy were taking turns feeling crummy last Thursday, Coach came to play.

Also, Coach knows where Grammy Boo hides the cookies and is a generous sharer.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you are so lucky to have Coach and I bet Coach feels lucky to have you!!! :o)

  2. Such a lucky guy Coach is to have you around.

  3. Coach IS awesome! What a great guy!

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