15 Months

So, okay, *technically,* my 15th monthday was on Wednesday, but I had a Gift Guide to post and then yesterday was Thousand Word Thursday, so here we are.

Time to check in with Baby Center and see how I’m doing according to their milestone chart!

Before we get to that, let’s just check in with how I’ve been growing… don’t have my specific stats because I don’t go see Dr. Andy until Tuesday (we’ll check back in with my updated height and weight), but Mommy says I *seem* bigger. I’m still in my 12 month clothes (with some occasional 9 month pants when we have to do laundry) , size 3 Pampers, and size 5.5 or 6 shoe. I have all my teeth except my two year molars, and I am pretty much on solid food entirely – but I still like a bedtime bottle and the accompanying snuggle time. I love, love, LOVE Panera macaroni and cheese, AND cranberries are a new favorite food. And, and, AND I sleep through the night more often than not now! (Although that means I usually eschew any sort of daytime nap… Mommy looks like SHE could use one, but I’m too busy running mostly.)

So here’s what’s going on in my life:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Play with ball – Yup! I like to roll it mostly, but sometimes I throw it, too – usually straight down.
  • Uses three words regularly – Do animal noises count? Because then I’d be more like 35 or so… but real words? Mommy, Daddy, juice, more, sock, no, Henry (Hen-nee), hi, bye, night, up, down, uh-oh, baboon, crocodile, cool, please, bubbles… Yeah, I’d say I use 3 words regularly.
  • Walks backward – Well, that’s not the most efficient way to get anywhere and I’d totally rather run, but I guess I CAN.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Scribbles with a crayon – Nibbles on a crayon? Yes. Scribbles? Not so much.
  • Runs – Almost faster than Mommy!
  • Adopts “no” as his favorite word – That depends. I love SAYING “no” – I tell Henry “no” all the time, and it’s pretty much my default answer to any question… but when Mommy says it? NOT my favorite. I don’t like HEARING “no” one little bit.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • “Helps” around the house – Sure, I guess. I “help” reorganize Mommy & Daddy’s DVDs all the time. And I “help” Mommy unload the silverware from the dishwasher (indiscriminately – dirty OR clean!). And I “help” Daddy cook, of course. But if you remove those quotation marks, I’m not sure…
  • Puts his finger to his mouth and says “shhhh” – Seriously? I’m the one making all the noise!

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  1. Besides the talking thing, it's about the same as Evan's 15 month list! And although I totally laughed at the “shhhh” thing, Evan TOTALLY started doing it now, even unprompted, when people are too loud.

  2. Walking backwards is kind of a useless skill when you think about it!

    It definitely sounds like you've had a growth spurt, Cole! And I still say yay on the bedtime bottle. If it's acceptable to breastfeed past a year, I don't see how the comfort of a bottle at bedtime is ANY different!

    And lastly? I LOVE that picture of you and your daddy!!

  3. Happy 15 months! My Big Bub turns 15 months on Dec 2nd!

  4. COle, I share your love of panera mac and cheese!

  5. This is so cute! I love your blog and the way you write from your kid's point of view. So adorable! I am now following you thanks to Relax & Surf Sunday and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
    And don't forget to stop by our Show Yo' Flow Campaign today to see the interview we have on Elizabeth and the surprises she has for everybody:) See you there! Happy Monday!

  6. Aw Cole! 15 months and I bet your Mommy just doesn't know where the time went? Great to see you such a big boy, keep smiling little guy 🙂

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