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Oh, did you think we were done with the “state-of-the-sleep” posts? Not so much.

Please excuse if this is somewhat disjointed; I am SO tired and I’m driving Mommy and Daddy into the ground…

As some of you noticed, I took a nice, long nap on Sunday – while Mommy and Daddy were at a wedding and I was hanging out with Aunt Deb and Amy… Apparently, I don’t feel the same obligation to stay up and keep them entertained.

Perhaps because of that very busy weekend and the disruption of my schedule, my sleep had been *terrible* ever since.

Sunday night, I stayed up until MIDNIGHT, ignoring the yawns of Mommy and Daddy, who seemed to think it was well past bedtime. I got up at 5:30 on Monday morning and tossed and turned until about 8, when I got up for good.

On Monday, Mommy and I went out with Uncle David and Aunt Angela – I fell asleep in the car and napped through lunch – which was nice since it gave Mommy a chance to eat, but that hour and ten minutes was my ONLY nap all day. Monday night I stayed up until 9:30… and was up at 12:45, when I *absolutely* refused to return to my crib for the night. Mommy and I spent a restless night on the couch and I was up by 7:30.

Tuesday, we went to the zoo (more on that this Friday, with a special blog swap!) and Mommy was SURE I’d be tuckered out by all the running around I did! I *did* fall asleep in the car, but woke up even before we got home – so naps for the day = about an hour, and that little powernap kept me going until 10:30 last night.

This morning I was up from 3:45 to 4:30 and then back to bed until 7.

Mommy is so tired her eyes are burning – and added to the lack of hours is the fact that I’ve decided I don’t love my crib anymore. So getting me go back to sleep, or putting me down, is a delicate ballet.

My friend Madelyn sleeps 12 continuous hours every night – AND naps in the afternoon.

Mommy is beginning to look like she is going to trade me in… or at least look into getting some baby Ambien. (<-- JOKE. Just for those of you who are sense of humor impaired.) Soooooo. Any advice? Mommy’s not really into CIO – especially since all I do when she leaves me alone in there is scream my head off and chew up my crib. She has tried staying in the room and patting my back, but I stand up and try to climb up her arm. Oh, and Henry? Not to be outdone, Henry has decided he is part mountain goat; his newest trick is leaping onto the dining room chairs. Sigh.

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