Hudson from This is the First Day of My Life – Guest-post-a-palooza!

My first guest this week is Hudson from This is the First Day of My Life. Emmie, Hudson’s mommy, is completely fabulous; Hudson is 13 months old and he has twin siblings who are *almost* 1 month old. (Emmie is fabulous, but also, it seems, a little crazy!) Emmie is super-sweet and must be a supermommy because she manages to care for 3 babies *and* keep up interweb friendships!

On the Topic of Babies

Hi everyone! I’m Hudson. You may know my Mommy, Emily. She writes a blog called “this is the first day of my life.” Thanks to my amazing eyelashes- she’s even earned herself a spot on the top ten baby blogs! Anyways, my good buddy Cole contacted me the other day asking if I would like to do a guest post on his blog! I was so honored and immediately said Yes. Because, well- I was just happy SOMEONE was finally recognizing who’s really in charge in my house- ME! Mom can write, sure. But I’m the brains of this operation. Plus, I have knowledge on a topic most kids need to prepare for- SIBLINGS. Yup, I have two.

In my house, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. My Daddy owns his own company and is busy most of the time. My Mommy stays at home and takes care of me, my dog brother, dog sister and my Kiki kitty all while handling Daddy’s business stuff as well.

A few weeks ago, I came home from my Nonnie & Papa’s house to discover my new bedroom was finished. I was so excited. I have been sharing a room with my Mommy & Daddy since I was born- and even though I love cuddling with Mommy & having her near my crib every night I was glad to finally get my own place. And let me tell you. This place is SWEET! It sure beats hearing Mommy & Daddy doing “Mommy & Daddy things” all the time. I was so happy with my new place that I decided it was finally time to stop waking up at night and crying just for poops & giggles. Mom & I played every day. The doggies were staying out of my room and not stealing my toys. It was good times. I was really enjoying myself. I knew Mommy & Daddy & my family had worked really hard to make such a cool place for me, but something was bothering me.

My crib, that I love so much, had MULTIPLIED. I went to Nonnie’s & when I came back- there were TWO CRIBS. Mommy keep saying it was “for the twins” but, since I had NO IDEA what that meant I just smiled & nodded and went on with my awesome life.

Then, 2 weeks & 5 days ago- it happened. Mommy & Daddy left the house really early one morning and I woke up to find my auntie Krust sleeping on the futon in my room. I was so excited to spend time with my Auntie, but, I missed my morning bottle with my Mommy & I wondered where she had gone. In the afternoon my Nonnie came and took me to her house for the night. I didn’t mind, though. I love staying at Nonnie’s house. She spoils me.

When we woke up the next morning, Nonnie drove me to a big building called Kaiser. I’d been there before a bunch of times with Mommy, so I was excited. We got upstairs and went into a room- and there was Mommy & Daddy… and Mommy was holding a baby. I knew what a baby was, because they have them on the side of my Yo baby yogurts that I eat every morning. Mommy & I play a game called “where’s the baby?” She asks and I point to the baby & says “Bayyyybeeee.” It’s very touching. Anyhow, SHE WAS HOLDING A BABY! While I was super happy to see her, I was unsure where this baby came from and why MY MOMMY was holding it. She told me that this baby, Sawyer, was my little sister and that she’d be coming home with us.

Don’t get me started, guys. I KNOW. How mean is my Mommy? I mean, I love her- but wow! I only got 13 months of her undivided attention and now this? A SISTER? A GIRL? Eww. I humored the crowd in Mommy’s room and smiled and patted Sawyer on the head- but inside I was plotting.

The next night, Daddy came home & we did guy bonding stuff. We hung out and played but Mommy still wasn’t home. I called her on Daddy’s iPhone & she said she wanted me to come visit her before I went to bed, so I asked Daddy to take me back to Kaiser to visit. When I got there, I got a REAL surprise. Not only was Mommy holding that Sawyer chick- but Nonnie was holding ANOTHER baby- Truman. I was told he was my little brother. Holy Crap. I was outnumbered. I smiled and made nice but inside I was freaking OUT. TWO BABIES!? How in the world did this HAPPEN!?

In the morning, Daddy & I went back to Kaiser to pick up Mommy. Mommy was still holding those two babies and even had the nerve to load one into MY old car seat without even ASKING ME! We all packed up and even though I was trying to pretend it wasn’t happening- these little babies came home with us.

As the days went on I realized exactly what Brother & Sister meant. They started wearing my old clothes and using my old stuff. Sometimes, Mommy & Daddy even put them in the crib next to mine. They cry a lot and it hurts my ears. I even caught them sleeping in my spot in Mommy & Daddy’s bed the other morning. They were slowly infringing on EVERYTHING that belongs to ME. I had to do something. So, my cute little act of patting the baby on the head and saying “baby”? That changed. I’d still say “Baby!” and smile and look adorable and all that- but since I was out for blood, I’d hit a little bit harder- and sometimes try to poke one of their little eyes out. This made all the adults kind of mad and got me in trouble which was not fun. Plus, I was having internal conflict. Because- I have to tell you guys: They are really cute. The boy one looks like my baby pictures and has excellent taste in my old clothes. He always wears my favorites! And the girl? She sleeps with her mouth open and farts louder and stinkier than even the dogs! It’s so cool! I want her to teach ME how to do that!

I think what I’m saying is: I think I kinda like them around. Sure, Mommy’s attention is divided amongst many things, but she takes such good care of all of us. There is more than enough love to go around. Sometimes, I get sad because she can’t do something right away when she is tending to the babies- but as soon as she is finished she helps me with whatever I need. I can’t wait till my babies are a bit older and I can take Truman on the swings at the park or show Sawyer my favorite book. We can watch Yo Gabba Gabba together & I can teach them all the songs. We have a lot to look forward to together. And, I think I like this older brother business. I’m #1. I’m still in charge. I just have the added benefit of two minion to do my evil bidding and get punished for it, while I sit back and enjoy it. Being a big brother kinda rules.

Check out Emmie’s blog for more stories about Hudson, Truman, and Sawyer!

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  1. Gosh, That Hudson is JUST ADORABLE! lol.

  2. This is a totally adorable post. Thank you, Cole for having Hudson over for a guest appearance. Babies can learn a lot from his experience.

  3. Thank you Cole, for asking Hudson to write this.
    Such a great post!!! Can't wait to watch all 3 of you grow together. You are an amazing big brother!
    Auntie Krust.

  4. omg that was too precious! go hudson

  5. OH, my gosh. That was just too cute!

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