My First Seder

I know Phoenix from The Lame Sauce is supposed to be guesting today, but I’m not sure what time he’ll be around – so, in the meantime, here’s a drive-by picture post of my very first Passover Seder last night!

I had my first taste of cardboard matzoh.

Notice how I’m paying more attention to my carrots…

Uncle David and Grandma came over. (That’s Daddy in the middle.)

Here’s Uncle David again, with Aunt Angela. They’re getting married in a month and I’m the ring bearer!

Coach and Grammy came, too.

Do you see what Mommy used to catch the wine drips? That’s my burp cloth! Nothing but class in my house…

Coach had fun playing drums on my highchair tray.

I had it pretty easy this year, but soon it will be my job to read the Four Questions! See you back here on Sunday; enjoy the rest of guest post-a-palooza!

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