I would like a weekend do-over.

I spent *most* of my weekend in a grumpy, grouchy mood. I’m not sure why – I finally beat my tummy bug and got my appetite back,

got plenty of rest,

and even got to build a giraffe with Daddy,

but I was just cranky. Mommy’s hoping for a better week because if this current mood continues we will *both* be wrecks in a few days.

A few off-topic (is there a topic here? Does I’m in a mood and my weekend was too short a topic?) notes on the above pics:

  • In the first one, you can see the eyelashes that make all the girls swoon.
  • In that second one – where I’m spooning with my monkey – Mommy wonders what Giggle Monster did wrong to be stuck facing the corner (top right).
  • I have no note for the 3rd one. Sorry.

I hope everyone else did something fun!

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  1. So cute, even though you had a tough weekend. I hope your week is better and that you and your mommy have a lot of time to relax :)! I love the picture of you spooning your monkey – ha! My daughter doesn't have a favorite teddy bear but she loves her blankey and she sleeps with it like you do with your monkey.

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