#55 – 1000 Awesome Things


Specifically, Aunt Angela’s cinnamon chocolate chip cake. YUM.

Some of you might recall that I had a tummy bug last week – which, unfortunately, coincided with my 18 month check up – so I was sent home with instructions to gain weight. Instead, I went on a hunger strike.

Mommy tried to tempt me with all my favorites, but I had my milk & Pediasure in the morning and that was it for the day… for almost a week! Until Thursday, when I spotted a banana on the counter at Max’s house and begged until Michele sent it home with me.

When we got to Coach’s house, I was all set to eat my ‘nana as my first solid food in 5 days, until I spotted the cake on the counter. CAKE!

I yelled for it until Aunt Angela sliced me a piece – and I ate nearly the whole thing! My appetite’s back… hopefully in time to gain some ounces for my next weigh-in!

If you look closely, you can see my neglected ‘nana in the cup holder.
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  1. YAYAYAYAYYY!! Keep eating, little fella!

  2. So I can buy Cole for $55 + shipping? SCORE!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you're finally eating, little man! Probably don't want to eat your Grandpa's entire cake though!

  3. chocolate chip cake? YUM! glad you're feeling better and eating…and hey, bananas aren't thhhaaaat bad 🙂 try it! 😉

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