Top Tips for Photographing Kids – Guest Post from Carl Cox of Carl Cox Studios

Remember my friend Carl, who took such great pics of me way back when I was Lulu’s age? He met up with Mommy and Daddy and Lulu and me in the park last week and took some AMAZING shots.  I thought maybe you all would like to get some photo tips from an expert.

I was honored when Cole asked me to guest-post on his blog!  I mean, what photographer can refuse an adorable little guy who asks you to write about what you do?  Having just photographed Cole’s family, I thought it only fitting to write about children’s photography, and give a few tips on how to help your parents create better images of you guys!  So, kids, here’s five simple tips you can give your parents to create better photos of you and your brothers and sisters:

  1. Mom & Dad! Get down to our level & look us in the eye – we’re people too!  Just… lower.  Put us in the shade!  The sun is bright, burns our skin and hurts our eyes.  It makes us squint.  Squinty eyes make quirky smirks. 
  2. Let us do what we do best: PLAY!  You want really fun pictures of us? Let us do something you wouldn’t normally let us do – play in the mud, splash in a puddle, or ride the dog.  As long as we’re safe and having fun, it’s all good.  We won’t become morally corrupt by doing this for ten to fifteen minutes. Another thing, we don’t have to be looking at the camera.  Pictures of us playing are way more engaging than pictures of us sitting with that fake smile (probably with the sun in our eyes). 
  3. Make at least one photo of us every day!  Use online tools like Instagram to add cool affects to our pictures.  
  4. Don’t be afraid to use your flash outdoors. When we’re playing in the shade, a little light from the camera gives us the nice, bright colors we want in our glamour shots for Facebook. 
  5. Ever notice how we smile after the flash? Don’t be so quick to pull the camera away and look at the display – take the picture and be ready for that surprise smile that comes right afterward!

About Carl
Carl Cox is an award winning portrait photographer and member of the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographer’s Society of New York State, Professional Photographers Association of New England and Wedding and Portrait Professional’s International. Carl has received seven awards in New York and New England for images with immediate visual impact, creativity and technical excellence. To see more of Carl’s photography, please visit or call 914.474.5096 today to schedule an appointment to visit his residential studio.

This is clearly not me – duh.  This is my friend Caden, Carl’s son – isn’t he handsome?
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