Mommy’s been bragging…

On Mondays, Mommy and I have lunch with Michele and Max – and Mommy said something about how much nicer it has been now that I’m sleeping through the night and napping regularly.

So you know what happened then, right?

No nap on Monday and I woke up multiple times over night because I caught a cold. And a cough. Mommy’s a little paranoid over my breathing problems (and remember how I said we hadn’t seen Dr. Andy in over a week?), so we headed in to for a visit.


Mommy needs to learn to keep her big mouth shut.

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  1. Too cute of a post! I hope you are feeling better and Mommy definitely learned something 🙂

  2. Awww, poor Cole!!!

    Hope your visit to Dr. Andy went well!!

  3. Aw man that stinks! Hope you're feeling better. And that ALWAYS happens to me. Sometimes literally RIGHT after I have bragged about something the little decides to prove me wrong! Hilarious….

  4. aw poor Cole!! feel better soon!!

  5. Oh, never, never tell anyone that your kid sleeps. It's a sure fire way to make sure he never does it again!

    Hope the little guy is feeling better though!

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