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Welcome to Harmony, who’s posting as part of my very first blog swap! We went on a super cool Bloggy Baby Adventure to the Bronx Zoo last Tuesday and decided to hijack each other’s blogs to post about the experience… When you finish reading about it here, head over to Baby To Go to see my post!

I have been wanting to take C to the Bronx Zoo for some time. It was on our 2010 Summer To-Do list, but we never made it. So the activity rolled over to the Fall To-Do list and when Cole’s mommy saw the list, she decided to organize a trip for us!

Even though the weather forecast was calling for 30-50% chance of rain, we actually picked a perfect day. A little cool and cloudy, and the zoo was empty (it was also a Tuesday morning). We met at the South Gate and headed in to see the sea lions, monkeys and tigers before heading over to the monorail in the Asia section. To ride the monorail, there is an additional $4 charge, but it was my favorite part of the trip. I loved seeing the animals, sitting, relaxing with C on my lap and taking in the sights.

After that we saw some Hyenas and African Wild Dogs (C is currently obsessed with dogs, so this was definitely a highlight for him). By then it was time for the grown-ups to have lunch (the kids were snacking in their strollers), and we headed to the Dancing Crane Café, where you can see beautiful pink flamingos outside the windows.

After lunch we headed to the Children’s Zoo, which also has a $4 charge to enter, and the kids were able to run around, see prairie dogs, look at alligators, wallabies, climb stairs & go on a slide, and then visit the petting zoo. My son does love him a petting zoo as he is just starting to say the words “sheep” and “moo.” Cole was saying “baa” at all the animals, which was also super cute!

My husband has never been to the Bronx Zoo, so we need to return and take him. Cole’s mommy, Sarah, has a membership, which is a great deal if you are a frequent visitor. And the zoo is open year round, so maybe if we catch a warm winter day we will head back and avoid the crowds!

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  1. No pictures of C laughing at the hyenas? Or laughing like a hyena?

    Awww, Cole doesn't know Moooo? That's a fun one too!!

    Glad you guys finally got some good weather :o)

  2. Checked out the Bronx Zoo with my little one too – had an awesome time!!!

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