A Gazillion? Maybe a thousand…

This was another long, full week – Mommy is running me ragged!

On Wednesday morning, I got up bright and early and ready to go at 5:30. Mommy was a little bleary-eyed and Henry took the opportunity to find and steal a pen – and promptly got the little metal spring stuck in his gums. Off to the vet we went! Our regular vet wouldn’t be in for another hour or so, though, so they sent us off to a different one, who pulled it out fairly easily. Mommy took the opportunity to weigh me on the vet’s table – at 19 pounds, I’m still on the peanut end of the spectrum, but I’ve gained over a pound this month! ANYway, we left the vet and dropped a very tired Henry off at home before we continued on to pick up Coach for music class. After music class we went to the library to return some books and then we came home and took a nap. It wasn’t even 12:00 yet, but we’d already had a full day!

Yesterday we woke up to rainy, gray skies. SAD. Mommy and I had been planning to go into the city to see the Gazillion Bubbles show for-ev-er, and we’d be pretty disappointed if the weather didn’t cooperate. Luckily, even though the forecast looked like that (<---), the sun came out and we were able to go.

Even more lucky? Michele and Max came with us! Remember Max? He and his Mommy, Michele, are awesome. Everyone say Hi, Max! Anyway, we all piled into Michele’s car and headed down to Union Square Park, where we arrived a few minutes early for the show – perfect timing! We snagged free bags of Pirate’s Booty for a snack and found a spot to park our strollers.

Aren’t we cute in our matching orange shirts? We didn’t even plan that!

The Gazillion Bubbles show was pretty good, but it was really only a teaser – they had a lot of bubbles, but a gazillion? Definitely not. There was a slight breeze, so it looked like the guy was having trouble getting one of the wands to produce the bubbles he was looking for, and the show was really short – about 15 minutes. All in all, though, it did kind of make me want to see the full version which, I guess, was the point.

After the bubbles, there was a concert by Jeremy Plays Guitar, which was a really great surprise! He played all sorts of fun songs and had us all jumping and singing along. I came home and checked out his website and it says that each month they choose a fan submission and make a song out of it. Who else thinks Meerkats Make Me Angry would top the charts? Baby Fists of Rage would surely win Jeremy a Grammy, right? I’m going to submit an idea – I’ll let you guys know if he makes a song of it!

Not only was it not raining, it was really hot out! After the concert we headed over to Union Square’s play ground, which has nice, refreshing water features. It was a little bit crowded with big kids, but we had fun anyway – and got really messy! Max and I both made sure to sit in giant puddles…

Finally, Mommy took us all on a trek to find the nearest Pinkberry, turned out to be just a few blocks away. We shared coconut yogurt with pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries on top. YUM!
It was such a fantastic day – we are looking forward to many more adventures with Max and Michele! Maybe they can help us cross some items off my Summer Bucket List.

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  1. I'm not gonna lie, I dont see the appeal to Pinkberry…

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