Our Week in iPhone Photos: 9/1-9/7

It’s September? WHAT?? You guys, our August went by in a *blink* – can’t believe Daddy’s back in school today! Today is somewhat tame, but starting tomorrow, we have at least 3 places to be at any given moment – our September might be even more jam packed than our August was. Eek! So, um apologies to those people (Hi Aunt Deb! Hi Grammy Boo!) who missed my 19 month post, but since I’ll be 20 months tomorrow, I think that’s just a lost cause; we will hopefully have a 20 month milestone post soon, and maybe a 4 year one for Cole, too.


IMG_1726Mommy and I went to Grammy Boo and Coach’s house on Sunday to go get Henry. I wore Cole’s my rain boots, and I love them.


IMG_1739 Monday was Bark in the Park!
IMG_1751It was our last Boulders’ game of the season – can’t wait until next year!


IMG_1774Cole’s 4 year well care visit was on Tuesday, and he had to get 3 vaccines, so he got a chocolate milkshake at lunch.
IMG_1777He shared his cheeseburger with me even though I didn’t get any needles.
IMG_1778We played outside in the afternoon.
IMG_1789I’m not sure what Cole was doing, but he was having fun!
IMG_1795It was a very long day.


IMG_1800Cole is still opening birthday presents – what a lucky guy!
IMG_18074 kids 4 and under in one picture – you think you could do better? And, yes, this is our third zoo trip in a month. Who’s counting?
IMG_1823Cole and I have been to the zoo so often, he was practically narrating along with the monorail driver, and I was plotting our route on the map with Connor.
IMG_1828Lisa lifted Cole up to get a better view of the bugs in Jungle World.
IMG_1849Is Cole not the most adorable bumblebee you ever saw?
IMG_1862I kept up with Rio and the boys ALL day, and then crashed the second the stroller hit the parking lot.
IMG_1863This pic is for those who doubt our comfort while extended rear-facing. We’re fine.


IMG_1873Okay. So. Thursday was a very long and strange day.

It was Rosh Hashanah so Mommy and Daddy and Grammy Boo went to morning services, while Cole played in the babysitting room, and I hung out with Coach. Services ran long, so by the time we picked up a quick lunch and got ourselves together, we got to temple just as the Children’s Service was ending. That was okay, though, some of our friends had gone to the wrong place so they missed it, too, and Cole got permission from Rabbi Brian to run around and blow his shofar anyway. And THEN, we found a Goldilocks wig.
IMG_1887And Three Bears hats.
IMG_1891Cole, as a bear, blowing the shofar. This was maybe the happiest 20 minutes of my ENTIRE life, running around chasing the boys, ridiculous blonde ringlets bouncing.

IMG_1888So. Much. Fun.
IMG_1894Then this happened; on the way to Tashlich services, my diaper exploded, and Mommy had left the extras at Coach’s house. Whoops! The pharmacy was poorly stocked, which is how I wound up at the park in 2 size large swim diapers, one layered over the other. That was kind of a Mommy MacGyver moment.
IMG_2023These dashing guys in their dapper fedoras are Cole’s fellow bears, Ari and Kaleb.
IMG_1895It was such an exciting day, it kept me up! Do you see what time Mommy got to bed? Notice Daddy is fast asleep.


IMG_1897Just lounging around. Watching Bubble Guppies.
IMG_1900I fell asleep easily on Friday night. Probably something to do with being up until FOUR AM the night before!


IMG_2038Mommy and Grammy Boo ran a bunch of errands on Saturday morning, and then we met up with some friends for lunch. Rachel and I are destined to be shopping buddies!
IMG_1917Mommy hit Payless HARD. There is a BoGo sale going on, and she scored these boots for $10. She WINS at life.

This week? Kind of rocked – it was crazy filled with fun and friends, and we’re headed into a fall that’s just as crazy! Whee!

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  1. Love the goldilocks wig! Glad we could join in the Ludwig fun

  2. Love it! Looks like such a fun week! 🙂 I am DYING over the blond wig! So cute!-Ashley

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