Our Week in iPhone Photos: 8/25-8/31

We are home from Ocean City, summer is over, and Daddy’s back at school as of today. BOO. Mommy completely forgot that yesterday was Monday, since it was the holiday, and so we are already a little behind this week. Our calendar is CRAZY for all of September, so I guess we are just jumping into fall with both feet! My hope is that Cole and I will be able to do a more thorough Ocean City post, so for this week’s iPhone pics, we are going to limit the commentary…


IMG_1390Aunt Rebecca came for the day to surprise Grandma.

IMG_1386Cole went for a walk with Mommy.

IMG_1445The beach tuckers us out.


IMG_1439Sun + sand = happy girl


P1010362We’re ready, let’s go!

IMG_1597Fashion models don’t smile, Mommy. This hat is very high fashion.

IMG_1485I blow you kisses.

IMG_1466This picture makes Grammy Boo nervous.


IMG_1589Matching outfits make Mommy ridiculously happy.

IMG_1525Cole took me on a ride!


IMG_1613Some of the family had lunch at a cute sandwich shop. Some of us slept through it.

IMG_1604Thursday was a little cold and windy, but we powered through and hit the beach anyway.


IMG_1682Look at those handsome beach guys!

IMG_1678Mommy waited until the very last minute to get Cole’s annual beach picture.


IMG_1688I was not at all anxious to wake up and set out for home.

IMG_1721We stopped at the Lobster House in Cape May on the way.

We miss Ocean City – when can we go back??

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  1. Cutest pictures ever!! Your kids are adorable! :)-Ashley

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