Our Week in iPhone Photos: 3/10-3/16

We are *literally* sick and tired of winter around here – we NEED the playgrounds to warm out and dry up so we can get out and play! We spent most of this week at Coach’s house because at various points we were all not feeling that great. Poor Coach probably just wishes we would all keep our illnesses home!


IMG_5947Sunday started with more table dancing.  Mommy doesn’t seem to like my shows.


IMG_5949It kind of tired me out, too.


IMG_5956Since Mommy and I were both tired, so Daddy took Cole to Sunday’s birthday party.  Turns out, Cole was kind of tired, too.


IMG_5957Cole ended up having a fever of 102 before bed Sunday night, so he stayed home from school on Monday.  Don’t worry – I got to go to Aardvarks, while Mommy watched Cole.  Coach took me!


IMG_5958We hung out at Coach’s house for most of Monday afternoon.


IMG_5961You *know* Cole’s feeling sick if he naps spontaneously.


IMG_5962He wasn’t too tired to climb on the jungle gym Daddy made out of the coffee table, though!


IMG_5977All of his guys lined up, just so.


IMG_5981Mommy had a meeting at school on Tuesday, so we went over to Coach’s house to play.  Cole modeled his Lightning McQueen rain attire right next to his car!


IMG_5983I got Cole’s hand-me-downs.  For the record? This jacket, which is sized 18 months, and fits me okay right now? Cole wore it this fall!  I think at some point he’ll be wearing MY hand-me-downs.


IMG_5991Rain Gear.  Don’t mind the binky – Mommy does NOT usually allow that outside of bedtime or napping, but she kind of gave up this week.


IMG_5994I’m a very multi-talented climber; not just the coffee table!


IMG_6006More sleep for Cole, who has recovered from his mystery fever earlier in the week, but still did not want to get up for school on Wednesday.  In fact, we got there late, and Mommy handed him off kicking and screaming to his teacher. (Mommy felt so bad that we brought Miss A a latte at pick-up. Miss A very graciously said that Cole had not been that bad at all.)


IMG_6010Fro Yo lunch at 16 Handles makes everyone’s day better.




IMG_6034The weather was relatively mild on Wednesday, so while Mommy was at rehearsal, we went outside with Daddy to play with cars and sidewalk chalk.


IMG_6040I am so proud of myself for climbing onto Cole’s chair.


IMG_6047By Thursday, Mommy was really not feeling well so she gave up on removing me from the coffee table.  At least Cole and I were playing so nicely.


IMG_6051So I pushed the limits.


IMG_6055Mommy went to the doctor on Thursday evening when Daddy got home from school.  Turns out? She really wasn’t feeling well: strep throat.


IMG_6057While Mommy was at the doctor, Cole and I went to the library with Daddy.


IMG_6058There was a Bossy Frog concert!


IMG_6064Mommy really wanted to call in sick on Friday, but apparently that’s not an option for stay at home moms, so we went to Coach’s house instead. I’m pretty sure Coach got sick of us this week.  I read a book with Aunt Angela.


IMG_6079Saturday morning, Daddy took me and Cole to the playroom at his gym so Mommy could have some child-free time. Why would anyone want that?


IMG_6072Saturday = birthday party time.


IMG_6076Mommy never lets me go on the big bounce houses.


IMG_6091The birthday party was so much fun – in addition to about a dozen bounce houses, they had a few Rody toys to play with.


IMG_6098See?  Fun.


IMG_6100The birthday boy was Cole’s friend, C – he got to sit on a big throne!


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  1. Soon cool that con mans party made the weekly recap!!!

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