Our Week in iPhone Photos: 3/17-3/23

This week was totally awesome with awesomesauce on top. We are all over our various coughs and sniffles, and we got to go on a few adventures – combine that with this week being vacation, and we are pretty happy around here! Now, if only spring would get here and the sun would start shining…


IMG_6104Sunday’s birthday party was at Tumble Bee – I hung out with Grammy Boo and Coach so Mommy could help Cole on the equipment, and he turned out not to need any help at all.


IMG_6110He is quite the gymnast.


IMG_6137I cannot remember the last weekend that we did  not have pizza and cake for lunch.


IMG_6155After the party, we went to Uncle Eric and Aunt Deb’s house to celebrate Amy’s birthday.


IMG_6171Cole woke up cheerful and STARVING on Monday. He requested – and ate – a big breakfast.


IMG_6179Is this our last class of the session? Nope! Music for Aardvarks continues after next week’s break.


IMG_6212After we picked up Cole from school, we headed to McDonald’s – I’m finally big enough to do a little playing on the big play structure!


IMG_6225And? Ice cream! Monday rocked.


IMG_6242On Tuesday, we went to IKEA.  I tested out this bed.


IMG_6258And this rocker.


IMG_6260Cole did some product testing, too,


IMG_6270On Wednesday, we hit up Costco.


IMG_6273Cole was very impressed with the green smoothie from the Vitamix demo.


IMG_6305On Thursday, I stayed home with Coach, while Mommy and Cole went to check out Lego Land – they had so much fun!


IMG_6333Sigh. *I’d* like to go see Miniland, too, but *I* wasn’t invited. Cole will have a post about their visit later in the week.


IMG_6352When they got home, Cole played solitaire with Coach.


IMG_6363Friday started with the model seder at Cole’s preschool.


IMG_6413My favorite part was climbing on the table while Mommy was helping clean up.  Cole was doing a really good job of watching me.


IMG_6421Then we went to Cole’s first ever dentist appointment.  He was a *model* patient,


IMG_6457Cole got locked in the bathroom – more door drama.  Luckily, Uncle Eric came this weekend and replaced ALL of our doors – yay! They open! And close!  Woot, Woot!


IMG_6458Couch dancing.


IMG_6474I’m really into playing trains.


IMG_6484On Saturday, Cole and Daddy and I had to clear out so the door project could get under way without us under foot.  We went to the mall – Cole shared his smoothie with me!
IMG_1307Cole enjoyed his smoothie with a GIANT breakfast.


IMG_1309And he got to play with more legos…


IMG_1317I mostly hung out in my stroller.


IMG_6486Meanwhile, at home, Mommy started some spring cleaning by dusting and organizing the wall unit.  Looks great, right?


IMG_6487Let’s zoom out.


IMG_6488New doors!


IMG_6497We got home and Cole immediately got to work vacuuming up all of the wood chips and detritus.  I hope Mommy doesn’t think that I’m going to be as enthusiastic about child labor.
IMG_1329Saturday afternoon, we went too another birthday party – Cole had an AWESOME time on the roller coaster simulator!


IMG_6501Mommy and Daddy went out on Saturday night, and Ethan came over to play. He brought us a brand new toy!


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