Man Bites Dog

Yesterday, Cole woke up cheerful, on time, and on his own.

He ate his whole breakfast (healthy choices!) and got dressed without a wrestling match.

He bounded happily out of school, told me about his morning (!!!), and did not wake up his napping sister when he got in the car.

We went to McDonald’s for lunch, where he ate all his food, shared nicely with Lulu, and played until it was time to go.

He climbed off the play structure without argument, ate his ice cream quietly, and waited patiently for Baby Girl to finish hers.

He was so great, in fact, that an older gentleman came over to compliment me on my “two adorable and very well-behaved children.”

He put his own jacket on, opened doors for us, held hands in the parking lot, and climbed right into his car seat.

At home, he played quietly, ate his dinner, and was asleep by 9.

Yesterday? Kind of rocked.


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  1. Oh, what a glorious day!! It’s just the nicest thing in the world to have someone come up and tell you how delightful your children are. Fantastic!!

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