First of all, that sound you heard in the early afternoon yesterday? Mommy breaking into the Hallelujah chorus as it began to rain and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. This is probably because we just got our new air conditioners installed on Sunday. Heat wave over.

You’re welcome, tri-state area!

Mommy and Daddy and I are SO lucky to live so close to so many friends and family, who like us enough to step in when help is needed.

Uncle Eric showed up bright and early on Sunday morning to not only remove the old units and install two new air conditioners, but also to rewire them since they no longer make them in the voltage we had before. Uncle Eric? Kind of rocks.

Then, Uncle David came over to help Daddy drag the old air conditioners down three flights of stairs and out to the dumpster, AND he invited all of us over for dinner! Mommy wasn’t feeling great (the heat! the humidity!), so Aunt Angela and Jeanette wound up chasing after me and keeping me entertained most of the time we were there. Aunt Angela has some great toys at her house!

You all know Max, right? Mommy and I are SO glad we met him and his mommy, Michele. We are partners in crime!

Max has a brand new baby sister, Sarah, and his daddy, Taylor, has been hanging out with us the past few weeks. Taylor? is Mommy’s new favorite person. Yesterday morning, as a result of the heat wave and a few no-nap days, Mommy was wilting at Music for Aardvarks. Taylor and Michele invited us over after class and Taylor played outside with Max and me, while Mommy got a chance to rest. They even bought us lunch!

We kind of love Taylor.

Mommy has kind of been having second thoughts as to her ability to parent TWO children (especially given what a holy terror handful I’ve been lately), so she’s SO grateful to have so many people close by.

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  1. I'm so glad y'all have so many wonderful and caring people around to help y'all out when you need it 🙂

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